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12 Things Hunter Harris Swears By

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One afternoon last year, as I was tending to my errands, I somehow stumbled upon magazine writer Hunter Harris’ weekly newsletter. hung upFor the next hour, I tore through the archives. Olivia Wilde deep dive, Top Gun: Maverick ReviewWhen Probably the best opening paragraph to the newsletter. She’s a pop culture genius! So I was thrilled when Hunter agreed to share 12 of her favorite things…

hunter harris

1. Restaurant: When the gods smiled at me and I got a seat four horsemen, feels like getting away with murder. But in a sexy, erotic thriller kind of way. They don’t post their menus online (I’m the one who always looks up menus beforehand, so I’m crazy), but everything is good.

2. Activities: Taking long walks while talking on the phone with a loved one can be satisfying.

3. Hair products: pattern My favorite waxy thick edge control.it makes those baby hairs under, honey; Fort Knox level security and minimal white residue. (If you’re using Edge Control, you know what I’m talking about.) I grew up with my mom using an old toothbrush on the edges, Attached brush It’s especially different with this product because you need stiff bristles to spread the swoop.

4. Notecards: regret my actions basically anytime, anywhere.

hunter harris

5. House hunting: I’m obsessed with my house tablewarefound from a reddit hole about tableware molly baz cookbookThey are a nice medium weight and come in a variety of colors/finishes.

6. Candles: DS & Durgaz big sur after the rain A perfect and delicate scent. Not too loud, not too loud. breakfast leipzig It has tobacco and leather notes, a little loud and a little flashy. All I know is that these candles came into my apartment and they are my favorite scent.

7. Video: It changes from day to day, but now I can say it with confidence casinoThis is a movie about Vegas and the mob, two worlds nearly hermetically sealed with their own codes and traditions, but also a movie trying to fill the bottomless pit of self kicked out of Eden for gluttony. I have. I love movies about male vanity and male insecurity.this is shallower goodfellasbut more attractive.

8. Desk accessories: $7 velcro cable tie Amazon changed my life radically. He has a million cords for just six devices, and now he can fit them all neatly in his desk drawer. No more pulling the cord all the way through and realizing it’s USBC instead of micro USB. (I know the difference…yes, I’m her STEM woman!) Also, play hall On my workstation — great for fidgeting during long meetings.

9. Body wash: Nothing feels more supported than waking up and taking the hottest shower imaginable.now i am using Naturium Glow Getter Multi Oil Hydrating Body WashSomehow it’s a bubbly oil, and it’s very moist. There is no fragrance, but is that okay?

10. Hotel: I often go to Los Angeles for work. Kara Best hotel in Los Angeles. I wouldn’t stay anywhere else when on a short trip. Gorgeous interiors, restaurants worth visiting even if you’re not staying there, and everyone is really nice and helpful.

11. Snack: Blue cheese and crackers.

12. Celebrity Crush: The Spring 2022 Austin Butler Onslaught—We’ve been researching generations. was elvis And it worked! A strange movie, but a great performance.

Thank you very much, hunterwe love you Newsletter To the moon!

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(Portrait of Hunter Harris Andrew GobleGraphic design by . Erin Chan.)

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