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12 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

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Escape rooms have been popular for a few years now and are a lot of fun, but at over $30 per person, they can be quite expensive for a date. Corey and I have found that we like escape rooms in boxes. You can find them at most stores that sell board games, and they range from beginner to advanced. Anything in between tends to be our favourite. They give us a bit of a challenge, but not so much that our brains hurt by the end. Invite another couple to go on a Valentine’s Day date together.

11. Work out together

Exercise may not come to your mind when you think of dating ideas, but it can be a lot of fun. Many recreation centers and his YMCA offer day passes. Find a club near you and plan a workout together, play 1v1 with him on the basketball court, or book an hour on the racquetball court for him or him for 2 hours. . Some may even have swimming pools and saunas. To round off the evening, you can relax with a dip or just sit for a while in his steam room.

12. Make a purposeful life plan

Before Valentine’s Day, personally think about your life goals and write them down. Then on Valentine’s Day, discuss your thoughts and how you can help each other to reach those goals. You may have goals. You may want to prioritize saving for family vacations. Or maybe you want to work to get your first 10,000 running. Ideas vary, but the key is finding ways to work together and encourage each other.

Looking at the big picture, it doesn’t matter what romantic things you do on Valentine’s Day or whether you do anything on that particular day. Every time we eat together, go dancing together, read the Bible together, or watch Monday night football together, we are building a relationship. Regardless of what intentional time looks like, it’s about being intentional with your spouse.

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