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13 Things That Happen When You Ignore a Narcissist

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Did you know that you are on hold during a customer service call and it takes forever for someone to answer the call?

The same thing happens when the narcissist ignores you.

Now imagine if a customer service representative intentionally put you on hold just to make you feel better.

That’s the level of gameplay going on in egomaniac minds.

The more you want to talk to him, the less he will reply.

13 Things That Happen When You Ignore A Narcissist

You won’t like some of these answers, so be prepared for that. What happens when you ignore a narcissist?

He’s ignoring you and bowing to his superiority by scolding, decoying, and cheering you up.

1. He is furious.

The psychotic trait of ghosting is done mostly because the attacker knows it will upset you. After the best sex of your relationship or the best weekend getaway you’ve ever had as a couple , it is understandable because the act of disappearing could have happened.

At first, he gets your begging sunshine. It shows how much he can control your emotions. Returning his gestures in kind, he is initially silent, but he plans better than a military raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound.

Couple woman outdoors ignoring narcissist and turning away from man

2. He lovebombs someone else.

One of the reasons these self-obsessed people “throw away” is because they want more forms of supply. Just like addicts need more drugs to stay high, they need ego-boosting fuel.

If he thinks you’re already hooked, he doesn’t have to deal with you. He’s going to find new supplies. Don’t be disappointed. You were once a new supplier. Because these creatures see people only as objects. They cannot form legitimate human emotional bonds. They can only fake them.

3. He looks at you.

Imagine a deer hunter heading into the woods when a deer approaches and falls, waiting to be shot. It’s not the thrill of a hunt. He’ll have his own hunting blinds waiting for you to show some sort of sadness, anger, or despair in order to get his attention.

Ethical and moral boundaries don’t apply to him until he follows you from cyberstalking to happy hour to trying to hack your email. I’m… somewhere.

4. He tries to get your attention.

When initial ignoring doesn’t work, it’s time to up the stakes. All the personal information you shared while he lovebombed you is now used against you. He posts pictures with attractive women. Did he tell you that he was busy with work? He will reveal to you how he spent his three-day weekend in the Bahamas.

Be careful with these monsters. He wants his actions to lead directly to your feelings.

5. He tests the water.

In this sociopathic world of his, contacting someone can also occur during the disposal phase. Trying to get more of that communication, relying on forgiveness and rebooting your emotional despair.

If you reply, simply say “Okay”. He already feels worthless within himself, so it would make him angry that you could take him or leave him. , he has no ego.

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6. He launches a smear campaign.

After enough radio silence, he gathers the flying monkeys and tells them that you ignored him. I’m trying to pull you back

For example, let’s say you haven’t heard from us in two weeks. You texted him and called him but got no response. 10 days later he tells your friend that you know he has a big project and can’t offer any support. You are very insensitive, he will say. It’s all to encourage you to reach out.

7. He appears wherever you are.

Don’t leave him behind to find out where your favorite yoga studio is and position himself at the center of the class. I may cross paths with you on

Yeah he wanted to ignore you. He thinks it’s terrible you had the nerve to ignore him. Don’t you know how special he is? He makes it look like “fate” is stepping in again to pull you back into the drama.

8. He gaslights you to make you feel sick.

When he’s really ready to make you feel as bad about himself as he secretly does about himself, he’ll bring a bag of lies and a tank of gaslights.

Be prepared for statements such as:

  • “I was in a car accident and you didn’t even call me!”
  • “I never received a message from you.”
  • “I called you three times, can you bother to call me back?”
  • “I told you I would be very busy. You want me to respect your work, but you don’t respect mine!”

9. He projects his insecurities onto you.

By nature, this person has no self-esteem. Think of his soul as the black hold of the universe. The worst that can happen to him is that he will be exposed as a false and sinister person. Instead of breaking the good shell, he turns it into you.

Men who upset women by ignoring narcissists

This can take several forms, such as him accusing you of being so needy or demanding that you tell him you are his soulmate.

10. He keeps ignoring you.

As with any horror movie, it appears that the heroes have defeated demons along the way, only for the audience to learn that monsters are waiting in the wings. You are always the tool in the box. He may not need you right now.

You are treated like a washing machine. He will take advantage of you if he wants the features you provide, such as status, power, and admiration. please think about it. Feeling guilty on a day without a washer and dryer? That’s how these mentally broken people see other people.

11. He will know your breaking point.

Narcissism’s abuse cycle is a tripod of love bombing, devaluation, and destruction, so he quickly learns how long you can do the “silent treatment” standoff. You’ve already piled up the cards because you’ve devoted yourself to manipulating ugly people.

It is important to ignore him beyond the breaking point.

12. He would say something that sounds like an apology but isn’t.

Calling his bluff only won a small battle in a brutal war. A narcissist is incapable of feeling real regret, grief, or blame. They are rules above all else because they are special, but they also know how to reflect the emotions others expect when “humans” exhibit bad behavior.

An apology might be something like, “I’m sorry for upsetting my work schedule,” or “I apologize that, despite my efforts, your relationship has not been fully assured.” I can’t.

13. He starts love-bombing you again.

No, he won’t realize the error of his ways after he’s been away for a while. makes him feel like he’s realized that is the love of his life (again).

When every step he takes is to manipulate you, he won’t waste time on things that go wrong. But that’s a topic for another day.

how to ignore a narcissist

The key to ignoring a narcissist is to be out of touch in every possible way without making it look like you want attention. Like a direct reaction to being ghosted. Your actions that appear to be seen as someone controlling you.

1. Do not contact me by phone, email, text or DM

It’s normal for someone to suddenly disappear and ask, “Hey, are you okay?” or “What’s going on?” He’s capped at two attempts. After that, do not contact me in any way. They are purposefully trying to rise from you, so you submit to their needs and build their egos by begging.

No doubt he will post something that you will want to reply to. He knows it bothers you when he sees you surrounded by a group of waitresses at a club or hiking a mountain you were supposed to tackle together. Tell him you’re cyberstalking him and build more power in his mind.

3. Do not post attention-grabbing social media content.

It’s a delicate balance. If he normally posts twice a day and suddenly it’s dark, he thinks you’re in a fetal state, full of anxiety and waiting for a response. When you go overboard and post your hottest look with cleavage and killer heels, he knows you’re in for the spotlight. As a goal, keep your normal rhythm.

4. Don’t ask about him through friends or relatives.

Megalomania created the “Flying Monkeys”, people trained to see you as an enemy, a lunatic, or an emotionally wrecked basket case. Even if you just ask. It means he’s on your mind. When the message comes back, he’ll be happy to know you’re still thinking of him.

5. Pretend not to be affected by his presence.

Whether by chance or by crossing the usual path, he puts himself in your path to elicit a response. Ignoring a narcissist who ignores you doesn’t even realize he’s gone. As you pass him, say “Hello” in a happy but not overly excited tone. Then keep walking without looking back.

6. Resist the temptation to reach out again.

As a caring person, you may be genuinely worried that he is sick or dealing with a crisis.As a soulless beast, he is a narcissist who will try to punish you. If you find a way to ignore the , I’m sure you’ll know the exaggerated story. let it pull.

Will ignoring the narcissist make it go away?

It doesn’t sound like a lawyer, but it depends. Your dedication to them and the rush of supply they get from you will determine how much effort they will put in. Ignoring them will almost always lead to another love bombing attempt. In my heart, they never leave. they don’t need you now

Do you mind if I ignore the narcissist?

They only care if you are emotionally affected by their actions, for better or worse. They don’t care if you ignore them and they know you haven’t left the house for a week because you’re so upset. When it looks like they don’t, they start to rage.

Block or Ignore Narcissist Messages?

This depends a lot on your willpower. If blocking messages keeps you from getting closer and more stable, do so. If you’re concerned that their words contain threats or evidence you need for future conversations or police reports, don’t block them. Please don’t respond.

final thoughts

The worst thing you can do is ignore the narcissistic person with the goal of “getting them back”. They crave the drama and attention the cycle creates. No one can beat a narcissist. The sooner you realize it, the better. If you try to outsmart these people, you are playing a mentally damaging game.

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