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15 Must-Sees for Your Bucket List

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Puerto Escondido is the kind of place you want to get lost in for a while. Forget Zoom calls and daily obligations for a moment, soak in the sound of the crashing waves, and live a simpler life. All you really need is a swimsuit and a bottle of sunscreen. All you need to know is that last fall, when I was on the brink of burnout during one of his busiest times at work yet, Adam and I sneaked out to this paradise on the coast of Oaxaca for a few days. went out. In less than two hours, I forgot my email inbox even existed.

But let’s back it up a bit. At this point, I think some people are asking where is Puerto He Escondido and why should I go there? I first heard about it when I visited Oaxaca City last year. When I fell in love with this magical state of Mexico, I became interested in many other regions (Oaxaca is Mexico’s largest state and vast). Locals said Puerto He must check out a laid-back port town in southern Oaxaca called Escondido.

How to Spend a Long Weekend in Puerto Escondido

This Puerto Escondido guide is from a very specific perspective, covering only part of the coast that I actually explored.from our home base Hotel Escondido, it’s a great beach about 40 minutes away from bustling beaches like Zicatera and La Punta. Once we discovered the riches scattered along this long (and very bumpy) dirt road, we didn’t want to leave. A pristine beach with rocky outcrops, huge waves, desert plants growing like crazy on every dirt path and rock wall – it’s paradise.

So, with that disclaimer in mind, here’s what to do in Puerto Escondido for a long weekend trip.

Getting to Puerto Escondido

In Puerto Escondido, small airport It’s an hour flight from Mexico City. Take a taxi from the airport (our hotel had a taxi waiting outside the exit door ready for the 40 minute drive).

Renting a car is recommended if you plan to explore up and down the coastline. But if you follow this guide, you’ll be able to bike the beautiful dirt roads around. Hotel Escondido When Casa Wabican be accessed anywhere.

what to pack

Again, you don’t have to dress up while in Puerto Escondido. He’s one of the most carry-on friendly destinations because you’ll basically be wearing the same uniform for the entire trip. Swimsuits topped with linen button-downs and cut-offs during the day, and a lightweight blouse or easy sundress with flat his sandals at night (don’t forget you’re on a bike!). No heels and no hairdryer. That’s the place. I was surprised by the heat of the day, so let’s wear cool clothes and a hat as much as possible.

Pro tip: bring your own Earplug.The sounds of the jungle outside our room NoisyThe first night I was awakened several times by birds chirping and frogs croaking.

Where to stay in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido has some great Airbnbs and I was making notes for future trips when I returned with my kids and group of friends. But since it was just Adam and I on this trip, he wanted to try one of the beautifully designed hotels along the road near Kasawabi.

Hotel Escondido

Hotel Escondido was the home of our trip and if I had to choose, it would win the best hotel in Puerto Escondido (although the hotels below are a close second). A true jungle retreat, you feel incredibly rejuvenated from the moment you enter the rock-walled walkway that leads straight to the pristine beach. The hotel restaurant serves excellent cuisine all day long. There’s a lap pool right next door where you can hang out and stare at the crashing sea, and a small spa offers all kinds of beautiful services. Pro Tip: Guests in Puerto Escondido must be 16 years or older. And rent a bike from the hotel and ride anywhere.

Casa Sforza

Casa Sforza Impressive new hotel in Pueblo del Sol. Its contemporary cement structure is juxtaposed with furniture made from local wood and ceramics, with a strong focus on sustainability and supporting the surrounding community. It is an irresistible experience for design lovers.

Hotel Terestre

Hotel Terrestre is a sister property of Hotel Escondido. By bike he is 3 mins away so we spent quite a bit of time relaxing in that great restaurant and exploring the unique hammam experience. With 14 villas overlooking the sea, it’s a health conscious dream. The hotel operates completely off-grid using 100% solar power. Guests are encouraged to step away from technology and reconnect with nature, synchronizing their day with the cycles of the sun.

Where to eat in Puerto Escondido

One of the best things to do in Puerto Escondido is sample as many regional dishes as possible. Below we’ve listed the best restaurants from our trip.I think there are some decent restaurants in La Punta and Zicatera, but if you’re planning to stay around Casa Wabi, Eat fish tacos and mezcalitas on this stretch of beach.


An understated spot that is technically a mezcal bar. But if you think you know, you’re ordering from the nightly ‘Chef’s Menu’ prepared in front of you at a huge cement bar. It’s littered with chairs, but Cobarde has a wabi-sabi cool factor.book by Instagram DM.

Hideaway Omakase

An authentic omakase sushi menu served in a thatched treehouse in the Oaxacan jungle? This was one of the most special dining experiences I have ever had. Chef Keisuke Harada moved to the coast from Mexico City and his 10-course menu is a true work of art. And thanks to a great playlist and a raucous team, the experience is really, really fun.

Punta Pajaros

If you’re not looking closely, you might miss the wooden signs pointing the way. This palapa Hidden in a palm tree. But if you do, you’re missing out on authentic and delicious Oaxacan food. Guacamole (with or without grasshoppers), octopus ceviche, zeildas and other specialties are washed down with spicy cucumber mezcalita.

Hotel Escondido

If the surrounding spots weren’t so good, I would have easily eaten all my meals at Hotel Escondido and been perfectly happy. Huevos rancheros at breakfast under the palapa, mezcal margaritas and ceviche on the beachside deck, just steps from the crashing surf, can’t be beat. If you only have one meal at Hotel Escondido, try the battered fish tacos. Best of my life.

Hotel Terestre

Just down the road is an architectural marvel. Hotel Terestre (Sister property of Hotel Escondido). An equally delicious menu is served in an impressive brick and concrete setting. If possible, go for dinner on Thursdays and fire up the giant wood-burning oven for pizza night.

Things to do in Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a great place to explore. With some rough planning, you can wander into hidden paths that descend to the sea, or namesake palm-covered beaches that call him bars. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Casa Wabi

Created by artist Bosco Sodi in 2014 and designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, ​​this stunning artist residence is secluded on the beach in Oaxaca. The striking main building, with its 312-meter-long concrete walls, serves as the framework and is surrounded by exhibition spaces, studios, and artist bungalows. I’m not sure if the contemporary art on display or the building and grounds themselves were more inspiring.

Book your guided tour online. It’s the only way to see this property and it’s worth visiting this ‘contemplative community full of introspection and connection’.

El Paperillo Sauna

At the end of a long dirt road there is a small sign that just says “El Papelillo”. Just inside the wooden gate is him one of the most special wellness experiences I have ever had. A secluded sauna literally tucked away in the Oaxacan jungle, El Paperillo aims to ‘connect you with Mother Earth and bring you back to our roots’. Pour water over the open fire in the sauna and lie down on the wooden benches to experience this traditional detoxifying effect of boosting your metabolism, supporting your circulatory system and calming your breath. One thing I know for sure is that I never felt completely relaxed, both body and mind, when I took a shower and drank an ice-cold cerveza.

Hammam in La Terrestre

I’ve never been there true hammam, and certainly didn’t expect to be in Oaxaca for the first time, but here we are. At the heart of the La Terrestre hotel is a beautiful brick tower with his four rooms with four traditional water experiences: hot jacuzzi, steam room, rain shower and cold plunge. Book a 1 hour private session. A hammam is available for this session in between relaxing experiences. The end result is a deep euphoria that borders on coma.

Swim in the bioluminescent waters of Manialtepec Lagoon

One of nature’s best-kept secrets and only found in a few places on earth, bioluminescence is a phenomenon in which tiny sea creatures make the water glow at night. His one such spot, Manial Tepec Lagoon, is about 20 minutes from Hotel Escondido. Drivers can be booked at the front desk. Upon arrival, experience the magic as you venture out onto the lagoon in a private motorboat.

Day trip to La Punta and Zicatera

As mentioned, we mostly stayed outside of the main beach which attracts more tourists, but one day we decided to check out the thatched beach bar, eat an acai bowl, and head to the main beach. I stepped into La Punta to stroll the streets. Hippie vibes and backpackers repeat on dirt roads lined with palm trees. Here are the best restaurants in La Punta based on friends’ recommendations: fish shack, chicama, litchiWhen Alabanger.

Surfing (if you dare)

Puerto Escondido is known as a surfer mecca.However, at the time we were there (October), the waves were a bit Too aggressive for beginners (i.e. you will die quickly). However, if you’re headed to La He Punta or Zicatera on a good day of surfing, you can stop by one of his surf-her shops, grab a board and an instructor, and hit the waves.

Mezcal factory tour

Mezcal is the Oaxacan way of life. It is a centuries-old craftsman tradition and is worshiped in Oaxaca in a way that feels almost religious. Family farms and factories can be found throughout Oaxaca, including Puerto he Escondido. Book a car and he can take you to one of the factories in the area to see how mezcal is produced. Of course, you will want to taste its diverse varieties.

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