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16 Fun Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms

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What makes a child’s room cozy? They always feel like a good place. From framed postcards to reading spaces, the 16 rooms in our house tour are full of great ideas. please look…

kids climbing wall

Consider a climbing wall (or don’t). “The climbing wall and net were here when we moved in,” says author Emma Straub of her Brooklyn home. “It would be a dream room for kids who are really sporty and love climbing. And I don’t have those kids. We see it as an art installation.”

DIY children's reading nook

Create a reading nook. Marceline Balfour, a single mother in Manhattan, said, “Someone from the local Buy Nothing group gave me the felt and padding I used to make these floor cushions for my girls’ reading space.” said. “It was my first sewing project, but I searched online for some tutorials and worked on it. Honestly, it’s so crooked. But it works.”

fun kids playroom

Embrace chaos. “Children are said to be little scientists and explorers,” says Sadatu Dennis, a North Carolina mother of two, who says, “So if my house is a mess, it’s my kids.” means you had a very good day.”

framed postcard ideas

Framed postcards (or book pages or magazine clippings). “Art doesn’t have to be complicated,” says Atlanta DIY enthusiast Xin Lu. “Years ago when I visited New York, I went to the famous Strand bookstore and bought some bird postcards. They were so beautiful I didn’t want to mail them! I framed it and put it on the wall.”

kids pink bedroom

Find a compromise that makes everyone happy. “These girls love pink. I wanted their bedroom to feel fun, but I also wanted it to be fun for me,” says LA designer Heather Taylor. ”

children's shelving unit

Create a bedtime ritual. “I listen to magical storytelling podcasts for kids. A Journey with a Story‘ adds Heather Taylor. “Scottish writers tell fairy tales in the most soothing way: ‘Okay, children, mementos, little nuggets, what was the lesson?'”

fun kids room ideas

Scatter small lamps. “Our home is about connecting, and lighting is a big part of that,” says author LaTonia Yvette of Upstate New York. “There’s little overhead, but there are lots of little lamps that create ambiance.”

kids horse wallpaper

Go crazy with stickers. Designer Heather Ross replaced the expensive wallpaper with pony stickers and stuck them on the walls of her daughter’s bedroom.you can find others here and herecars, animals, clouds and more.

Children's room with green wall ideas

Choose a color that looks good on you. “We wanted the nursery to feel gender-neutral,” says Kat Van Der Hoorn of the Portland home. “People think of the color beige when they talk about gender neutral, but the non-binary or genderqueer I know is not beige! So we chose bright green.”

Children's room with green wall ideas

Make your room feel like home. “Their dad and I live in separate homes, so we decided to have the same type of bed for the boys at both locations.” I ordered the exact same bunk bed.”

DIY kids craft table

Turn your table into art. “When my kids were little, I covered the coffee table with white paper,” says Katherine Newman of Amherst, Massachusetts. It’s been a habit of 20 years.When my kids were teenagers, I would come down in the morning after a big sleepover.On the table were these little dirty drawings and bad words. There were many.

kids room decor tips

Give your child a choice. San Rafael, Calif. resident Andrea Ramirez made sure her daughter’s room reflected her interests. A troll, a book, a bean bag chair and a very comfortable bed. “I took Emilia to Ikea and she lay on every bed, This one! ”

Show your child's artwork ideas

Tape up the children’s drawings. “I love blank walls,” admits San Francisco’s Lena Corwin. “It’s very soothing to me and leaves room for temporary artwork. We always hang children’s drawings and hand-made signs to celebrate.”

Children's room decor ideas

Dimmer all lights. “Lighting is key to coziness in any space, especially in the bedroom,” says Laura Fenton of Queens, New York.

kid height measurement ideas

Start measuring the wall. “We have a high wall by which everyone measures themselves,” says Aunt Lulu, who lives in Cornwall, England. “You see the children shoot right away!”

Children's room decor ideas

Grab your favorite toy. “This dollhouse was built by my father,” says Aunt Lulu. “There’s even wallpaper and toilet paper! As a gift, you can always buy something for his dollhouse, like a person or a broom. These days, when kids come to visit us, they disappear and play in the dollhouse for an hour.”

What do you want to add? What did you love about your room as a child?

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