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2023 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study shows there’s less quality than last year

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Vehicle inventories, vehicle prices and supply chains are finally showing signs of improvement. On the other hand, vehicle quality is still going downhill. That’s the conclusion drawn from his 2023 JD Power Initial Quality Survey, which found the overall problem surpassing last year’s all-time high. The study assessed a 2022 model year vehicle owner’s average problem rate per 100 vehicles (PP100) during his first 90 days of ownership. His average of 32 manufacturers ranked in 2020 was around 166 issues per 100 vehicles. The 2021 IQS has dropped to an average of 162. By 2022, the average has jumped to 180 issues. His PP100 for 2023 will reach the industry average of 192. This represents an increase of 30 problems per 100 vehicles in just two years.

Let’s start with the good news first. Dodge regained the crown for having the fewest problems with 140 issues per 100 vehicles. Buick won last year with a 139 PP100, but this year he slipped back to third place. Dodge has become the first American automaker to top the IQS in 2021. With Dodge returning as the least-problematic manufacturer, parent Stellantis has taken three wins in four years since Ram took the crown in 2021. It also gave the American brand four wins, with Buick taking the top spot in 2021. Achieved by 2022 with the fewest owner-reported issues.

This year’s top ten are Dodge, Ram, Alfa Romeo, Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, Porsche, Cadillac, Kia and Lexus. In fact, Stellantis collected several feathers for his hat. Maserati showed the biggest year-on-year improvement, followed by Alfa Romeo, who recorded his PP100, the lowest in his premium class, ahead of Porsche and Cadillac. Alfa Romeo has been vocal about its efforts to improve quality, and has cited Lexus as a target. Last year, the Japanese brand finished sixth, while the Italian brand finished near the bottom, between Jaguar and Mitsubishi. Alfa moved up to 3rd place this year, while Lexus dropped to 10th place. Lamb was third best on the improvers list in 2022-2023.

The individual model with the lowest PP100 is the Nissan Maxima.

Now for the troublesome part. In the words of Frank Hanley, Senior Director of Automotive Benchmarks at JD Power, “The industry is at a major crossroads and the path taken by each manufacturer is paramount to the future. “From persistent problems that are commonplace, to the proliferation of new types,” today’s new cars are more complex and offer new and exciting technology, but do not always satisfy their owners. is not. ”

To set the table, IQS asked nearly 94,000 2022MY vehicle owners and lessees (10,000 more respondents than last year) 223 questions. These questions he divided into nine vehicle categories. Features, controls, displays. appearance; driving assistance; interior; powertrain; seat. driving experience; and the climate. Infotainment remained the biggest issue, but functionality issues were the big news this year. This was one of the unexpected discoveries of how simple some functions are. Respondents cited door handles as an issue, for example, 7 out of 10 vehicles without door handles were EVs. Lane departure warning, forward collision, and automatic emergency braking system were activated repeatedly. A driver of a vehicle with his Android Automotive operating system at Google polluted the software so much that he found a difference of 25.1 PP100 between vehicles with and without the software. And the wireless charging problem seems like an old problem with Bluetooth connectivity. The charging pad doesn’t work, works sporadically, or works well but the phone overheats.

Owners are a little happy with the manufacturer’s smartphone app. That’s fine.

None of the EV-only makers Tesla, Lucid, Polestar and Rivian are officially ranked because they have not given access to JD Power to owners in states that require the consent of the makers. rice field. However, survey responses from respondents who own these brands would place them at the bottom of the list. Tesla’s 2022 240 PP100 has deteriorated to 257 PP100 this year. Polestar improved, but scored 313 PP100, falling behind Rivian with 282 PP100 but better than Lucid with 340 PP100.

Head to JD Power Learn more about the survey and this year’s results here.

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