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3 Books We’re Tearing Through Right Now

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What book did you read recently? Anything good? Here are the three we’re tearing up…

Preliminary prince harry memoirs best review quotes.

No matter how you feel about royal gossip, why can’t you read it? memoirs of prince harryThe reviews themselves are also compelling.? One television his anchor called the book “a real marmalade dropper.” BBC critic described it as “the longest angry drunk text ever sent.” But the real selling point for me is J.R. Mohringer, Harry’s ghostwriter, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and ghostwriter. Andre Agassi’s glorious memoir 2010. He’s a scene-building genius, sharing details that draw you into the room. For example, Harry describes his own royal life: underground. ‘ And his Aunt Margaret could ‘kill a houseplant with a grimace.I may be the only one who buys books for J.R. and not Harry, but as soon as you devour a scene from the movie, you’ll know what I mean. audio book — nice to hear that On long walks!) – Joanna Aug 22 ’17 at 13:00

Trespassing by Louise Kennedy

i loved Trespassing By Louise Kennedy, much has been written, but mostly about a young Catholic schoolteacher who had an affair with a married Protestant man during the troubles when British troops occupied a small town outside Belfast. It concerns a certain Cushla. Politics and violence are inevitable and affect all of Kushla’s relationships with lovers, siblings, bosses, neighbors, and herself. A relationship with one of her Catholic students who was bullied and nearly killed is as compelling as a forbidden affair. The writing is dense and beautiful, the characters are flawed and endearing, and the pages basically turn automatically. — Jenny

While on vacation, I picked up Katie Gutierrez’s debut novel. more than you know, and I couldn’t put it down. Here’s the premise: When true crime writer Kathy Bowman stumbles upon the story of Loa Rivera — a Mexican-American woman whose double life is divided between two countries and two families, while One question preoccupies her. Why does a happily married mother risk everything for love and a secret second family? Expose? Seeking answers, Cathy convinces Lore to participate in a series of interviews, forcing both women to confront their pasts. The result is a compelling family drama that tackles the ethical entanglements of true crime. Throughout, I was fascinated by Gutteries’ keen observations of the tension between marriage and motherhood, desire and ambition. One thing that sticks with me even after reading the last page is the realization that it takes tremendous courage to know yourself and let yourself be known. — Kaitlyn

what are you reading lately? Please share below…

PS Joanna’s 3 favorite books and an interesting one that we enjoyed.

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