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3 Reasons Why “He Who Finds a Wife Finds a Good Thing”

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All the preparations for the pasta dinner were almost ready when my cell phone rang again. it was Chris. TRUE I felt a work meeting for a long time after work.

For emphasis, he sent me an emoji of an exploding head. I smiled and texted back. I will heat up dinner for you. “

“Good to have you,” he replied. The next hour he texted his message with compliments in between complaints about his work meeting. Later when he walked in the door, his face lit up as he saw me and dinner waiting.

“How did you find such a good wife?” he commented as he added Buitoni to the plate.

I have not always been a kind wife. But over the years, my heart softened over the pressures of Chris and his job. We’ve come full circle, but no journey is complete without each other.

Over the years of restoring homes, I’ve learned that marriage is a lot like building a house. The way I support him is what carpenters call sister joists.

During the early stages of repairing our home, we noticed that one of the major joists was carrying a significant load. The previous owner wanted an open concept for the living room and dining room, but didn’t properly reinforce the joists and was in dire need of sister joists.

House structural joists are designed to carry specific loads, and sister joists are sometimes added to help the primary joist become more structurally sound. These joists may be added if they are heavier than designed. Finding a good wife is like adding a sister joist.

Where does this phrase occur in the Bible?

Origin of this word Proverbs 18:22It says, “Whoever finds a wife finds good things and finds favor with the Lord” (NKJV).

No man is better than a good wife. “A good wife to find? She is far more precious than jewels.”Proverbs 31:10). It’s hard to find such a good wife.

The word hayil means “strength, ability, courage, or dignity.” This woman possesses great abilities, a noble character, and a strong devotion to God and her family, and embodies each of these qualities.

Only the Lord can provide such an excellent woman. This good woman is a priceless gift from God.

So what is a good wife? The Bible says that a wife is a meeting aid, a partner, a virtuous woman who is full of God’s grace. She is the jewel in her husband’s crown, his lover, his best friend, the mother of his children and much more.

Celebrate 3 reasons why a man finds a good one when he finds a wife!

1. She supports you

One of the best things about married life is knowing that your partner will have your back through the ups and downs that life inevitably brings. He said nothing beats the knowledge and trust you get when you know your wife will support you.

God did not create Eve to be at Adam’s feet or to be inferior to Adam. When marriage plans hit the construction zone, God saw fit to build a sister joist. Eve was designed and built to support Adam. This was the structure and structure of the first marriage.

The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for a man to be alone. I will make him a helper comparable to him.”Genesis 2:18). The word helper means someone who helps others. Thus, women were created because men needed help from someone who could help him in his own responsibilities.

The word helper is used in reference to the Lord Himself. David said of God: You are the orphan’s helper” (Ps. 10:14). Jesus also called our helper the Holy Spirit who is sent to help us in the service of His Father (John 14:16).

Note that Eve was made to match Adam. The word comparable means the counterpart or matching spouse of the other.

A home is just a home until you use your talents, soul, personality and nurture to make it a home. The wife is said to be the center of the family. Because the wife sees and sees her husband and children.

A wife has the ability to add warmth to her everyday life. A wife has the greatest impact on the future of her husband, children and family. Their development, character and destiny are in her hands. Be there to support her man.

A wife is there to support her husband when work gets tough. A wife is there to support a man when he faces a difficult situation. To be a reminder of his abilities and talents. to remind him that he is a man of God.

A wife is there to help a man achieve more. To turn his recklessness into boldness. To replace his anxiety with confidence.

How nice to have a godly woman there to support you.

2. Her body speaks to you peace

The reason men look forward to going home is because their wives have become home. Her words, tone, smile, and her knowledge of who he is speaks peace to her husband.

Paul says, “Their wives should likewise be honorable women, not slanderous, but moderate and trustworthy in everything.”1 Timothy 3:11). In other words, this is a woman who is not overly proud, knows when to speak and when to be silent, and can stand by her husband with her confidence.

Peace is the result of trust. It’s the gentle assurance that comes from knowing that your partner can count on you.

It makes your spouse feel secure, deepens his love, and allows friendship, emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy to blossom. , her words are full of peace, so her body speaks of peace.

When trust is lacking in a marriage, suspicion and fear start to dominate and the relationship feels very precarious. .

One of the Old Testament words for trust (batach) means “a trust that makes a man careless.” Your man trusts you because you are his support, his safety, his safe place. He knows he is accepted and loved.

3. She fulfills your desires

A good wife satisfies her husband’s desires.

Your thoughts may be drifting in the bedroom. While this is a large part of a healthy marriage, all of his desires from his wife:

His desire to be respected.

his desire for her loyalty.

His desire for her to raise his own children.

His desire for her to take care of her health and appearance.

His desire for her to lead him.

His desire for her to be happy with everything he offers.

his desire for recreational companionship with her.

Proverbs 31:10-11 It reminds me: She is far more precious than jewels. Her husband’s heart trusts her, and he has no shortage of interests for her. All her life she does him good without harming him. ”

Husbands look to their wives to satisfy their heart’s desires. He can earn respect from his workplace, companionship from his friends, and admire other women. she– his wife.

Ladies, you are truly a man’s treasure. You’re good is his life. you are valuable to him.

When he finds you as his wife, he will be favored by the Lord. you are his blessing. you are the love of his life

keep doing good things in his life. Be his help meeting, be a cheerleader, and show off often. Be his sister’s joist. Be good.

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