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5 Easy Party Food Ideas

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party food ideas

When you say “I’m having a dinner party” or “I’m entertaining,” don’t you conjure up images of tablecloths, cheese boards, and trips to flower and wine shops? salmon? “I’m not saying I care about all this – in fact, I can be a part of it – but a few years ago something strange happened. An old man I hadn’t seen in a while. My friend sent me an email saying that he was going to town, so I quickly replied, “Come and eat some meatballs!”And for some reason the way it was presented was what made the night so much more cook for a friend Instead of entertaining them, if you know what I mean. Since then, I have cheated myself and entertained myself effortlessly. In that spirit, here are some options for how to complete the “Come here…” phase.

Please join us… Good Humor Night One of my central childhood memories is playing boxball (aka foursquare) after dinner with half the people in my neighborhood and hearing the sound. ring a bell An ice cream truck came up a few blocks away, and then we all threw everything away and begged our parents for money. Since it was the 70’s, this car was known as the Good His Humor Truck and we were into Chocolate Eclairs, Strawberry Shortcake, Toast He Almond Bars, Ice Cream He Sandwiches and Rocket Pops. I’m still waiting for someone to recreate this experience in 2023, including boxball, but it might have to be me.

come eat lasagna An all-time favourite, lasagna is easy to make even for vegetarians and is a satisfying dinner served with a green salad. If it’s something your friends would love to do, you can make it together (or with the kids).

come eat some soup When mercury temperatures rise, no one wants to cook. That’s where gazpacho comes in. As easy as a smoothie to make and served with delicious bread and a green salad, that soup is absolutely perfect and has everything I need or expect an invitation to dinner on a weeknight. please. On other nights, zucchini soup and baked beans are great, or when the weather cools, chicken soup with or without matzo balls.

come eat a burger and a dog Hopefully what’s easier (or Better) Add plant-based burgers to your lineup (or go vegetarian-only) for your veggie-forward team, rather than hamburgers, hot dogs, and old-school fare with potato salad.

come eat brownie sundae I make a lot of boxed brownies. Grab a few pints of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, along with a few garnishes (crushed peanuts, maraschino cherries, strawberries, chunks of pineapple, hot fudge, whipped cream, etc.). Stack the dessert bowls and let them eat.

How do you complete the “Come Over For…” invitation?

PS How to host a chaotic brunch and come to a drinking party!

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