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5 Fun Things I Noticed at a Drinks Party

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How to hold a drinking party

I recently hosted a small drinking party with my friend Odette, and five fun things that happened that night stood out. I wanted to share them with you…

1. Decorate the branches. How lovely is the branch carving on Odette’s kitchen counter? Twigs are cheaper than fresh flowers, but they can be very effective. Can often be found at Bodega or Trader His Jaws.

How to hold a drinking party

2. Consider bringing a signature cocktail. I emailed everyone an invitation to “bring me a drink” and most of them brought me wine.But when Jenny and her husband Andy walked in, they broke a bottle of homemade wine. hemingway cocktailPeople actually screamed. It was so cool and fun. “This drink seemed batchable,” Jenny told me later. The grapefruit juice is not overpowering and very refreshing.”

How to hold a drinking party

3. Put on your T-shirt. The best thing about drinking parties is that there is no pressure. Cocktail parties often involve dressing up. Dinner parties require you to arrive on time and stay until the end. However, a drinking party is nothing if you are not calm.Eric Joe’s Teaand just pulled a sweater and jeans.

How to hold a drinking party

4. Have group time. Okay, listen: I’m a firm believer that parties are more fun when everyone gets together for a few minutes, whether it’s a toast, a game, or an activity. It breaks the ice and makes the party feel like a cohesive group experience. I was taught. It was so very funny and interesting to hear people’s answers and everyone looked so lovable.

How to hold a drinking party

5. Finally serve something warm. Before our guests arrived, Odette and I spread cheese, hummus, pita, olives, and more on her counter. But towards the end of the night, Odette casually took a spanakopita out of the oven. (!!!) It was warm and delicious and felt like the best treat. The next day, Jenny and I were doing an email debriefing, and she wrote: Like a stack of snacks, all of a sudden, there’s a beautiful, freshly baked oversized thing. ” My sister does this sometimes pig in blanket, that too. #Bookmarks

None of these were required, of course, but they were pleasant little pleasures. What do you like to do and eat at parties? We would love to hear from you…

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