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6 Truths for Every Single Christian Woman

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When a man loves a woman, he wants to make her happy. No expense or sacrifice is too great. God loved us and sent His Son to mend our relationship so that our joy could be fulfilled. This joy does not depend on our past, circumstances or conflicts. It depends entirely on who Christ is.

How much love has the Father given us so that we may be called daughters of God? Our joy increases as we experience and re-experience the glory of God’s love.

O Lord, how manifold are Thy works! Our joy increases as we learn that God’s plan for us is merciful.

All of God’s promises in Christ are “yes” and “amen” so that God may glorify himself through us. Our joy overflows when we trust in all that God has spoken and promised to us. There is no greater comfort or strength than God.

Learn more about Alisha latest books, Confessions of a Christian Single Woman:

Being single in church today often feels like a waiting game. Until you say yes, ministry, ministry, and even spiritual growth will be put on hold, sympathized, or ignored at all. Unlike the church today, God is not embarrassed by having unmarried Christians in the kaiseki. In fact, he has great plans for those who don’t have rings on their fingers. Alisha Plummer points out how God is so intent on giving them purpose and passion.of Confessions of a Christian Single WomanAlisha explores God’s plan, especially for Christian singles, through entertaining stories and Bible-based truths. She tackles difficult questions such as “Where do I fit in?” that churches tend to ignore. Does the church need me too? Has God forgotten me? What if we don’t get married? In addition, she is at odds with the church, seeks adjustment to a couple-centered culture, and helps Christians understand that her single brothers and sisters are not only cherished by God, but are essential to God’s kingdom. I am asking for

Singles will feel seen through Alesha’s words. They will be encouraged to grasp their role within the Church and inspire the pastoral staff to reinvent the culture of celibacy. It is a powerful source of information for those trying to live and grow in a chaotic church, and a way forward for the church itself.

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