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7 Brilliant Fan Ideas Max Should’ve Picked for the Harry Potter Reboot, Ranked

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Fans don’t want the Harry Potter series to be a saga reboot. Fans want originals.

Here are seven fan ideas for the Harry Potter show that are better than repeating the same old story.

7. Other Magic Schools

We know Hogwarts, we love Hogwarts, but the world doesn’t end there. Show me more Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, or other country schools.

We’ve only gotten a glimpse of what other schools of wizardry are up to, but the possibilities are endless to explore in potential spin-offs.

6. Auror Office Procedures

Think CSI. However, there is a little magic involved. The show could feature a young Alastair Moody before he became one of the greatest Aurors of all time.

Maybe we’ll even see him coaching young Tonks! I live the best life in a place that is not too quiet.

5. Merlin’s Medieval Adventures

Even in the Harry Potter world, Merlin is still “the most famous wizard of all time.” We know he was a Slytherin, founded the Order of Merlin, and was against the Dark Arts.

Merlin’s story in Potter’s poetry is uncharted territory, and many fans would welcome a show about his life.

4. International Confidentiality Law

The International Secrecy Act came into force in 1692 and is the primary rule of the wizarding world.

It would be fun to see how the wizarding community lived (and the events leading up to it) before then, or even after the statute was repealed. The series has the feel of a historical sitcom, or an action thriller with a spy vibe.

3. Alternate reality

What if Neville Longbottom was the Chosen One? It would be nice to see an alternate timeline where Voldemort marked Neville as his “equal”.

The story could have turned out differently (and the Multiverse is all the rage these days). A limited series with Neville as the main character is an interesting idea to consider.

2. Rita Skeeter’s road to success

Rita Skeeter is everything journalism has gone wrong, and perhaps she’s had a fascinating journey to get to the world of Harry Potter.

Maybe she’ll be redeemed with her own spinoff. What if she was once an aspiring reporter who learned about her big scandal, but politics and bureaucracy forced her to cover it up?

1. Ginny’s Quidditch Story

Ginny Weasley didn’t shine in the original film, but canonically had a fascinating career in Quidditch as the Chaser of the Holyhead Harpies.

A sports drama about fierce competition in a male-dominated field?

Any of these ideas would have been better choices than what Warner Bros. and Max came up with…

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