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A Letter from Your Anxious Friend

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I am really very happy for you. You can live your life with nothing but the common fears and worries that come with reality being reality. I don’t have to suffer from the irrational “what ifs” that constantly haunt me in the depths of my mind. I know you still struggle with worries and challenges, but you seem to have a better handle on how to control your fear response than I do. And it really makes me happy for you.

But please don’t see my insecurities as flaws. I’m not broken I’m not cracked I’m not fragile I am so grateful for your efforts to protect and help me, but I am stronger than you think. You see, every day, from dusk to dawn, my brain is in a fight-or-flight state. At any moment he can present five different scenarios for a situation that could go dramatically worse. It takes a strong person to constantly live in this kind of space and thought.

There are days when I ask you to be kind and patient. I do not claim to have perfect strength and resilience. i’m just a human But I ask that you show patience and understanding that you are a toddler learning about the world around you and how to take steps within it. Be kind and patient. However, just because they are learning doesn’t mean they are weak. We don’t comment on them that we have already softened all of their life experiences because we don’t think they can get through the tough times without us. blow in. We encourage their strides, we encourage their falls, and we do not see their learning experiences as shortcomings.

Sometimes my fears and worries seem to overtake me. They look like this because it’s true. The thought seems to envelop the whole earth around me. But that doesn’t mean I give in to them. Every day I rely on Jesus a little more. Then, like a human, I think I can control this “worry” and leave. And when I find myself in tears on the bathroom floor, the peaceful and loving arms of Jesus greet me.

I am very grateful for your desire to help and love me in difficult times. I want to be the same rock and support system for you. That’s all. You don’t have to tell me that everything will be fine when it might not. Don’t look at me with pity, but gently support me through life’s battles.

Yes, I take medicine in the morning to balance the chemicals in my brain that seem to make me run with fear.But no, medicine is not a central part of who I am. Just a help for those who know what should be. Don’t assume it’s defined by a prescription. It takes me 5 seconds out of his 86,400 seconds a day to take the pill. I have no problem sharing my story, especially to help others, but my dear friend I don’t like using sertraline as a crutch or an excuse.

This may seem confusing and redundant. You’re probably asking why I say I can overcome fear, but I’m fine. But think of Jesus and his disciple Thomas. When Jesus rose from the tomb, Thomas did not believe. He argued that it was necessary to see and even touch Jesus’ scars to believe that the Savior was truly resurrected.

“A week later, when Jesus appeared, the disciples were gathered in the house. He first offered them peace, and then told Thomas to put his hands on his side. , Jesus said, “Stop doubting and believe.” ”John 21:24-29).

Jesus didn’t tell Thomas that he wasn’t much of a disciple because he had doubts. Please do not tell me that I am not a loyal follower of Christ because of doubts. As Jesus gave Thomas rest and comfort without disrespect, do the same.

I’m not my anxiety I am myself with my thoughts, feelings and opinions. I don’t revolve around my anxiety, but sometimes it seems to revolve around me. I revolve around Jesus My fear revolves around me. The beauty of this sun pattern is that as I circle Christ, my fears, doubts, and worries alike. I have no choice but to bow. Yes, I expect comfort from you, but not wholeness or correction. I already know Ultimate his healer. He doesn’t threaten or frighten my thoughts.

Also, don’t feel like you can’t talk to me. Yes, I suffer the battles I said you may not understand.But I know you suffer the wars. I will never fight We can provide a unique perspective. Honestly, I’ve learned to collect my anxious thoughts and turn them into a sort of troubleshooting defensive tactic. It’s your girlfriend

I am writing all this in the hope that I do not appear ungrateful. Your support in any way means the world to me. And you are so brave in trying to understand and navigate the complexities of my thoughts. You are so kind to sit with me on them while I try to understand them. For all that, I don’t want you to think that I don’t love and appreciate both you and your efforts.

I’m writing this instead because you don’t have to tiptoe around me. In reality, you make me grow when you force me to work through my fears and “what ifs” instead of protecting me from them.

My battle is uneasy. And you help me fight Whatever your fight, I will fight by your side.

So this is both a thank you letter and a release form. Thank you for your friendship and for just being you. And release me from the responsibility of protecting me. Again, I am not broken and I am not sick. No need to be alarmed. Please give me a place where I can be strong.

dear friend i love you I thank God for you every day in this life.


your favorite friend

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Olivia Lauren I’m a graduate student with a passion for the Bible, especially the Book of Romans, which introduces God’s grace. Outside of her research, she enjoys teaching her dogs new tricks and finding ways to quickly turn off smoke detectors after trying new recipes.

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