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A Love Letter to Grumps

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love letter to bitches

This month we are featuring the love letter series.next Alex Beggsyour heart beats a little faster because of the misanthropy of the world.

Some of us wake up with optimism for the day. A beautiful sunrise, that first sip of hot coffee, and the satisfying task of writing a to-do list full of lies. Others wake up ready to throw that coffee in their faces today. And God, do I like moodiness?

I love grumpy people. Because they felt unsatisfied with being handed one wild and precious life. Not only that, they go ahead and let us know. “All this” — the sullenness as they ignore the hilarious greetings on the sidewalk, means “worst.” In many ways they are not wrong.

It’s hard to pick a favorite from my deep roster of grumpy ones. A selection of decorations that make a pristine lawn look terrifying, to what looks like ordinary grass. A friend who thinks farts are terribly unfunny. Can you imagine?

But one grumpy person is more grumpy than others. Summer in Ann Arbor is idyllic. Blue skies, 74 degrees, no humidity. My partner Bill and I ride our bikes to the outdoor pool and enjoy lazy laps. The water is not too cold, not too crowded, and stretches Olympic size until an August evening.

nevertheless. I have a blender. * (Name changed to avoid being sued.) Brenda is widely known in the park department and among swimmers who fear her wrath. She’s a fast, strong swimmer, her legs driven by her hatred that’s inside her, and when swimmers join lanes they don’t like, she’ll yell at them with the feedback, “You’re too late!” expel the Followed by screaming, too many screaming. For some reason, she’s so moody in this beautiful place with a pool so big that you never pass the person you’re swimming with. she loves it

I just finished reading a novel by Fredrik Backman. a man named ove (and great movies on prime now), this is a much better love letter to the grumpy than mine – I highly recommend both versions. respond by inflicting tragedy after tragedy. I realized that while moody starts out as a fleeting mood, it can intensify and worsen over time, overshadowing all other signs of happiness, to the point where you suddenly dislike dogs. Unleash the orb to reveal the loving inner core we know lies within all the gloom. “Not Brenda!” Bill says, but I disagree. This summer I’m finding it.

On television, bad moods are often comical relief.Maggie Smith as the Countess of Grantham Downton Abbey is symbolic moodiness. “If you think too much about life, it doesn’t look very rewarding.” Stanley Hudson office Invited to all my parties. These fictitious moods are a reminder that moods are often a performance, often a veil.

The funniest grumpy person I’ve ever met in real life is the owner of Dimo’s Donuts in Ann Arbor. Custard-filled Long Johns or cream-filled Long Johns, which do you prefer? And he always puts a few freebies in your donut bag.

The moodiness of my life is a reminder that on the emotional spectrum, moodiness is just as valid as joy or sadness, and thankfully, usually more funny. It also helps you keep yourself in perspective. Biologically speaking, positive thinking is good for the mind, your immune system, and your birthday gift quotient, I haven’t found research to back it up yet, but it must be true. yeah. There’s nothing you can do in this pool other than float down slow lanes, which I’m happy with.

Alex Beggs A writer and copywriter who lives with her partner in Michigan.she writes Monthly Trader Joe’s Review Column Contributing to Bon Appétit, etiquette column and thanksgiving creations Won the ASME Award in 2020.can find her on Instagramif you please.

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