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A Personal Trainer Shares His Best Workout ‘Cheat Codes’

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  • Dan Go has shared 20 workout “cheat codes” you wish you knew 20 years ago.
  • He said it took him years to master many of the things he instinctively does while working out.
  • His tips include back-calculating reps and making a mind-muscle connection.

Dan Go personal trainerlast week Tweeted a thread with 20 workout “cheat codes” I wish I had known him 20 years ago when he started working out.

43-year-old Tsuyoshi, who trains entrepreneurs through his company, high performance foundertold Insider he got the idea to tweet the tips while talking to a 25-year-old fitness up-and-comer.

“He reminded me that there are many things I instinctively do that I take for granted. I wanted to help other people with disabilities.

deceive the mind by counting backwards

Go’s first tip is designed to trick you into completing an exercise repetition. Counting backward from your target rep instead of counting up from 1 helps remind you that you’ve set the number of reps you’re trying to complete.

“This will trick your mind into finishing rep,” Go tweeted.

Exercise physiologist Tom Holland previously told Insider that it’s important to have a plan to hit the gym, and that feeling accomplished when you leave the gym will help you come back. .

Planning to do a specific number of repetitions and working backwards while doing them will help you reach your goals and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Cultivate the “mind-muscle” connection

Go told Insider that building a strong mind-muscle connection is the most important of his cheat codes.

“Just being able to use your head and consciously activate your muscles can make a huge difference in every rep you do in the gym,” he said.

Research suggests By focusing on your muscles during exercise, you can promote muscle growth.

Go tweeted:

Former NBA player Steve Nash likewise recommends doing exercises at half speed to build a better mind-muscle connection. , suggests that better technique can help prevent injuries.

concentrate on sleep

Sleep is an important part of any exercise routine because it’s when the body repairs and regrows damaged muscle tissue. It suggests that getting a few hours of sleep often helps you improve.

Go Tweet: “If you want to build muscle, have more energy and recover faster. Focus on sleep. The better your sleep habits, the better you will be.”

In Go’s Twitter thread, Go said it took him 20 years to master all 20 tips, but doing them changed his workout routine.

“Everything we do has details,” he said. “Exercise is not enough. There are so many facets to a workout that can go a long way in optimizing how you exercise.”

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