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‘Absolutely perfect’: J.P. France’s major-league debut through the eyes of his wife

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SEATTLE — It was 6:13 p.m., 31 minutes before JP France’s boyhood dream became a reality. His wife, Jessica, was on her nerves. France’s best friend Ryan Silva had just left with his baby to receive a certificate marking France’s first major league game. said while showing Jessica a piece of paper.

“It was the first dream in his[JP’s]life,” Jessica said, pointing to Liam.

Jessica and JP epitomize the term queer couple. A reality TV star and a drawl-speaking Southerner who prefers to hunt and play baseball more than anything in the world. Jessica starred in MTV’s blockbusters ‘The Real World’ and ‘The Challenge’. She starred under the maiden name McCain and gained a cult following.

Fame faded and Jessica’s mother wondered if Jessica would marry or have children. -A swiped right on a minor league pitcher playing for an affiliate.

“I completely changed my life for him,” said Jessica. “I worked as a chef in Aspen, owned a company car and a condo on the hillside, and lived my best life. I met him and he said, ‘I’m broke. I don’t play baseball.’ And I was like, ‘Cool, I’m depressed, I love you too.’

Astros pitcher JP France’s wife, Jessica, and their baby, Liam, attended his first major league start. (Chandler Rome / athletic)

Jessica’s journey, which she never really intended, culminated on Saturday. From T-Mobile Park, section 137, row 21, seat 6, she witnessed her great ending. France delighted her raucous cheering squad of 12, led by Jessica, as she recorded her five strikeouts in her five scoreless innings against the Seattle Mariners in her major league debut. bottom.

“I’ve been on reality shows and traveled around the world,” Jessica said. “I lived this kind of boozy lifestyle, so I think he felt he had to fit in. None of that, one second of it, is worth not loving you.” ‘s best friend, so I went to a roadside town with him to eat peanut butter and jelly, and then went back to living like that. Not many people get that.”

Most of the French aid came from New Orleans on Friday night. There he grew up with the same aspirations as many boys. He had a pitching mound in his backyard and was constantly throwing with his father Pat. The windows in his neighbor’s house were unsafe.

Friends were frightened of catching French appliances and crouched down. One of France’s victimized neighbors was in Saturday’s game, as was Luke Fortenberry, who was a Little League coach when France was eight years old.

“We were talking about this the other day,” said Kim, a French mother. I didn’t arrive at.”

France played five seasons of college baseball under six head coaches. Tulane cycled his four coaches during his three-year stay in France. Andy Canizaro, a fellow New Orleans friend France befriended in middle school, lured him to Mississippi State for the final season of his eligibility in 2018. Canizaro coached for three games before admitting to having an extramarital affair with a sports department employee and resigning.

The Astros selected France in the 14th round of the 2018 draft. France had no leverage and signed for $1,000, minor through his league he started a five-year slogan. Jessica entered the picture second. An awkward conversation on a dating app led to a first date at a French apartment.

“I’m going to watch one Disney movie with you and then go home,” Jessica told her future husband.

which one did they see?

“I saw four other movies, so I can’t even tell you,” Jessica said. “I was there until about four o’clock in the morning, talking and watching movies.”

Jessica calls herself “Woogirl”. This is the type that screams and yells every time it’s called a strike or swing and miss. Her sellout crowd of 40,328 on Saturday couldn’t drown it out. Before France’s first pitch, she leaned over Pat and said she was “unbelievable.” The two once drove 16 hours to West Palm Beach, Florida, for France’s first major league spring training appearance.

“He’s my best friend and I’m his number one cheerleader,” Jessica said. “I love it so much and am so happy for him. This is insane.”

Pat, who doesn’t usually walk around to the bullpen while his son warms up, couldn’t stand Saturday. Reconnaissance report after returning home?

“Very good,” said Pat, his eyes red. “Really, really good.”

Much of France’s success rests on deception. His delivery is short and he hides his baseball well. His arsenal includes his five pitches, including two types of fastballs. His four-seamer for France has a natural cut, so in 2021 the Astros coach recommended him to add a true cutter to create more deception. It has since become his best pitch. France can throw it off a four-seam fastball and combine it with his slider sweeper.

Astros assistant pitching coach Bill Murphy said, “It’s unconventional.” Worked very hard to change it, but it’s not seen very often on a daily basis… I think that’s what makes him successful. It allows him to throw good stuff through the zone and beat his opponents.”

After France added a cutter, he struck out 136 batters in 110 1/3 Triple-A innings in 2022. Result arrived. I didn’t get the chance.

“I’ve always been asked, ‘When is the call-up coming?'” France said. “And I didn’t know. With the way we’re pitching depth right now, something weird is going to happen.”

This applies if Jose Urquidi and Luis Garcia are injured on consecutive days. Overnight, France turned from organizational depth to an established major league starter. France is just one of five healthy starters on the team’s 40-man roster. Here’s his chance to cement his status as a major leaguer.

“I was mad. People called and he was in the same place. I was mad the other day. I was like, ‘Why not you?’

“I don’t understand baseball. I’m just a passionate wife to my husband. But he told me, ‘God had a plan.’ God’s timing is perfect. And he didn’t lie. It’s perfect. We are here and absolutely perfect. ”

(Top photo of Astros pitcher JP France: Joe Nicholson/USA Today)

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