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ACHD voices concerns after vehicles purposely splash employees during storms

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BOISE, Idaho — Ada County Highway District (ACHD) emergency workers logged overtime hours throughout the week as they responded to heavy rains that flooded streets in downtown Boise and nearby roads alike.

“We had just finished a 10-hour shift. The weather was unexpected. We called people back,” said Jennifer Berenger, deputy director of maintenance at ACHD. “They understand. It’s part of the job.”

The crew knows what they were contracted for, but fighting beyond the elements was not part of the contract. ACHD Posts Concerns Regarding drivers “intentionally” driving through standing water, spraying workers who are clearing water from roads.

“It was just a few rude drivers,” Berenger said. “Whether it was on purpose or by accident, the end result was the same: when a driver throws that much water on, he spends the rest of the shift completely soaking wet, which is a disaster. increase.”

Berenger said ACHD maintains 50,000 storm drainage structures, including entrances and exits, throughout the county. The townwide flooding on Tuesday occurred in an area where ACHD rarely encounters flooding.

“One of the main concerns when there is a lot of water is that tree roots tend to get into the stormwater system, taking up a lot of water and pulling up those roots and removing them in the system.” said Berenger. “So sometimes those things don’t happen until you drink a lot of water, and you never know.”

ACHD has also noticed an increase in drivers ignoring construction signs. This includes “road closed” fences that have been dragged to sidewalks.

Highway districts generally warn against driving in standing water. As a result, the car can float or hydroplane.

“We are trying to make our roads as safe as possible. Every driver and every commuter can help with that,” Berenger said.

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