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ACT reaches electric vehicle milestone and launches EV cost comparison tool

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The ACT government announced a new milestone in the country’s top-level electric vehicle penetration, noting that the number of zero-emission vehicles registered in the metropolitan area has exceeded 5,000.

ACT is now somewhat of a penetration leader in the country, with EVs accounting for more than 20% of all new car sales in recent months. This represents an average of 8% of new car sales in the country in 2023.

The government hits the latest milestone with the launch of a new online tool that provides cost comparisons for EVs. This will make it easier to understand the running costs of ZEVs.

Minister Shane Rattenberry said in a statement: “ACT has the highest number of ZEVs per capita in Australia and has now reached the milestone of over 5,000 registered vehicles with the ACT.”

“That number has doubled since this time last year, and now one in five newly registered vehicles is a ZEV.

“This is not only because the people of Canberlan care about the environment and want to do their part to reduce emissions, but what they get from owning a ZEV. It shows that we are discovering many benefits.”

Rattenberry, who drives an MG ZS EV, said the new free cost comparison tool takes just five minutes to use, allowing customers to see at a glance the five-year total cost of ownership for any vehicle available in Australia. . .

“While ZEV prices are still premium compared to gasoline and diesel alternatives, lower operating costs and increased resale value of ZEVs may result in lower costs in the long run,” he said. .

He said that if EV owners could charge their vehicles with energy from their own solar panels, they would save on maintenance costs and refueling costs.

“New electric car models can go much farther than people think, and the average range of new model electric cars is now 300-600 km. At just 40km per day, this is more than enough to meet the needs of many ACT drivers,” said Rattenberry.

The price comparison tool can be found here: https://energy.act.gov.au/owning-a-zero-emissions-vehicle/

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