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An Expert on How to Find Your Perfect Bra

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A fact I’m not proud of: I don’t know what my bra size is. I think. Personally, I go about my days naively believing that bras are one of the inevitable discomforts I am destined to face as a woman. Not only can I not (sorry, cramps and mood swings make me a monster), but bras have a way of making me feel less feminine.”Right.” Comparing examples might give others an answer, but it confuses me even more. It’s a whirlwind.

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Breast Size Examples: Experts on How to Find the Perfect Bra

So, like all things I’m unsure or self-conscious about, I turned to the experts for answers. Cami Raymond, senior design director at women’s innerwear brand Ruby Ribbon , gave me an amazing insight that has completely changed the way I think about bra sizes.

At first? This should have been more obvious to me, but dear readers, our breasts change over time, not just during puberty. . Various factors are involved. As a result, Raymond says, you should have regular bra fittings every 6 to 12 months. And guess what? You probably have a few bras that should have been thrown away a long time ago.

It’s time to put things away for you and me. Below, Raymond answers all of my questions, from how often she switches her bra to the perfect style in tricky situations. Don’t worry, I have it.)

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Most women don’t know their bra size. Where would you recommend starting?

You can certainly start by taking your own measurements, but we recommend going to a proper or professional bra fitter to get more accurate measurements. Consider whether your favorite cup (demi or full cover) or something like a bra that you might wear all day will be convertible for comfort…as much as possible.

How often should I measure my bra size? Or is it a one-time scenario?

Sizing and fitting should be done every six months to a year. Breast size and shape fluctuate continuously throughout our lives. Our bodies also change for many reasons, including pregnancy and weight changes. Additionally, bras lose their shape after repeated wear, so it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re getting the right size.

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Ideally, how many bras should you have in your closet?

Ideally there should be seven. Four for everyday use and three for workouts, date nights, or special occasions such as specific tops and dresses. Ultimately, you want a bra that fits your lifestyle but still provides the support and lift you need.

When is it time to throw away your bra?

In general, bras have a lifespan of 6-9 months. If the fabric is too stretchy, the straps are loose, or the cups are misshapen, it’s time to ditch the bra.

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Finding the right bra for different events can be difficult, especially in the summer. What are your favorite styles for tougher outfits?

For hot summer days, we recommend the original ruby ​​ribbon camisole. It has a built-in shelf bra, no underwires, and is made from antibacterial, moisture-wicking fabric. You can also wear it under a tight-fitting T-shirt or wear it alone as a tank top. Either way, it will lubricate and support you all day long.

If you’re dealing with tricky tops and dresses, our convertible camis have adjustable straps so you can go strapless and act as shapewear if you prefer. If you have an outfit for , a lace cami is the best choice as it tightens the stomach and back area.

Finally, if you’re wearing something backless and still need coverage, Posies offers reusable adhesive nipple covers for smooth, seamless coverage. It’s also made of premium matte silicone for a smooth, buttery, second-skin finish that doesn’t reflect light through clothing.

I noticed that there are a lot of designs that focus on comfort. A wire-free bra designed to support you without discomfort. Meanwhile, bras in both fun, bright and neutral colors are strong this year, giving customers more options to choose from.Sheer mesh fabrics and lace details are also popular.

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