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Arnold Schwarzenegger says his ‘I’ll be back’ tagline was an ‘accident’… thanks partially to James Cameron

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984’s The Terminator.


sunglasses. leather jacket. A stone-cold demeanor. Arnold Schwarzenegger of “terminator” – the 1984 sci-fi film that cemented the actor’s status as a box-office giant – is almost iconic, but one of the most memorable moments in the film happened purely by chance. It turned out that

in a new interview with hollywood reporter In the book, which was released on Tuesday, Schwarzenegger recalled that the “I’ll be back” line in the film was an “accident” resulting from a disagreement with the director. James Cameron.

“Jim Cameron and I were discussing how to say that line because we didn’t feel comfortable saying ‘do it,'” recalled the former California governor. “I said I think it’s stronger to say ‘I’ll be back.’ Cameron said, ‘Are you a writer now?’ That’s just one word. Don’t tell me how to write Please, I will not tell you how to act.”

Schwarzenegger recalled how he reacted and said the director taught him how to act “every minute.”

But ultimately, of course, outspoken director When he told Schwarzenegger, “Arnold, I think it sounds weird. It’s not. What’s great about it is that you sound different from me and Charlie over there. That’s what works.” ”

Cameron then instructed Starr, “Just say it 10 times.” Let’s say it in different ways. I will continue to roll the camera. So let’s pick one. ”

Of course, after a few tries, I’ve come up with something that works.

“The movie is coming out. I’m in Central Park. This guy comes up and says, ‘Say a line!'” Schwarzenegger continued. He also said the line still holds up, adding, “I was skiing in Aspen a few days ago and the concierge came up and he asked me to say this line.”

“I mean, that’s where it begins and where it ends. It’s wild.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Schwarzenegger said his starring role as the Terminator (a robot from the future whose mission alternately is to save or destroy humanity, depending on which series you’re referring to) is over. It may have been, but the series itself “isn’t over yet,” he insisted. ”

“I’m done with it. With ‘Terminator,’ it sent a clear message that the world wanted to go on a different subject,” he said. “Somebody has to come up with a great idea. I always looked back on this movie with great fondness because ‘Terminator’ contributed so much to my success.” The first 3 movies were great. ”

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