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Audi RS 6 Avant spy photos reveal an even hotter version

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Audi has already upgraded the RS 6 Avant to a performance version. But the German automaker appears to be working on an even more sinister wagon. These spy photos show the Nürburgring wagon getting some interesting visual upgrades.

Starting at the front there is a low and deep front spoiler. The front just behind the spoiler looks like his fenders are wider, but that might just be an illusion since he’s wearing what appear to be performance wheels. An illusion caused by the huge air vents in the fenders just in front of the front doors.

The side skirts and rear fenders look relatively intact, but the tail of this RS 6 has even bigger changes. first of all, many A larger rear spoiler presumably encroaches on the wing area. The RS’s signature oval tailpipes remain, but are housed in a reworked rear bumper. This one has a diffuser strake between the pipes, making it look thicker right around the pipes.

With a drastic change in appearance compared to the RS 6 Performance, this wagon packs some arguably even more impressive upgrades. Performance is rated at 621 hp, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes at least 650 hp, or more. It probably comes standard with many of the benefits it offers in performance, such as rear-wheel steering, an upgraded rear differential and carbon-ceramic brakes. More weight savings and other chassis upgrades are sure to come along. Perhaps in the form of lighter materials for body panels like the new front fenders.

The RS 6 Avant has been in production for some time and this prototype looks pretty close to production readiness, so we expect it to be unveiled later this year. The price is sure to be well above the current RS 6 Avant, which costs around $120,000. Of course I’m looking forward to it.

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