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Aussie drivers warned about obscure road rules

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Drivers have been warned against waving their arms against car windows. Failure to do so could result in hefty fines.

According to Budget Direct, the little-known road rule could cost drivers a $337 fine and three demerit points if caught for a simple act.

The insurance company warned that both the passenger and the driver would face the same fines if they were found to have behaved in a friendly manner.

“Closing windows or stretching your arms out to cool off can also cause problems,” the insurer said.

“According to driving regulations in all states and territories, it is illegal to have any part of your body outside a moving vehicle at any time.”

Insurance companies urged drivers to wave goodbye in their cars to avoid fines.

However, if the driver uses his arm to signal to turn right, slow down or stop, the authorities will not fine him.

Budget Direct also shared other lesser-known traffic rules that some drivers should pay attention to.

Insurance companies say driving with a dog or pet on your lap is illegal in all states and territories.

Points may be deducted if the driver is caught with a pet animal on their lap while driving.

“Not only is this dangerous to yourself and other drivers, as an unrestrained dog can block your vision or interfere with your driving, but if you lose control, the impact can be serious to your pet. It can cause serious damage,” the insurance company warned.

“So even if your dog is the size of a teacup, don’t take the risk.”

Another traffic rule to watch out for is for drivers who prefer to use their car horns on a regular basis.

“Use your horn throughout Australia except to warn other drivers of your approaching vehicle, to force animals off the road or as part of an anti-theft or alcohol interlock device. It is actually illegal to do so,” the insurance company said.

“Otherwise, you may be breaking the law.”

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