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Best Truck Bed Covers for 2023

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Pickup trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles. They can be used as standard everyday drivers, as performance cars, or for the traditional purpose of storing or transporting things in the rear bed. Pickups usually come with an open bed to accommodate taller items, but those objects are exposed to the elements and prying eyes. A truck bed cover allows you to cover your truck bed and keep all your cargo in place.

Here are the best bedspreads for trucks you can buy on Amazon. Prices vary by truck make, model and year.

Also, be sure to check out the FAQ section at the end of this post to help you decide which truck bed cover is right for you.

$169.99 at Amazon

Main features

  • double-layerPVC
  • Quarter design
  • 4 horizontal crossbars
  • Tool-free installation
  • waterproof vinyl fabric

The oEdRo Soft 4-Fold Truck Bed Cover is compatible with most of the popular pickup trucks on the market. Easy to install, no additional tools required. Made from double-layer polyvinyl chloride (PVC), an extremely durable plastic. The fabric is waterproof and keeps your luggage dry at all times.

$164.99 at Amazon

Main features

  • Dual coated 24oz marine grade vinyl cover
  • Weather tight
  • no drilling required
  • truck bed cover with lock
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Tyger Auto F1 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Cover comes with dual coated 24oz marine grade vinyl and aluminum powder coated side rails and clamps. It has a weatherproof seal to prevent water ingress. A latch-lock system sealed with velcro strips on the sides keeps the truck cover firmly and safely in place so it won’t blow off while riding. Tyger provides a limited lifetime warranty on this product.

$155.99 at Amazon

Main features

  • Tear-resistant double-sided vinyl
  • 3 Aluminum powder-coated frame
  • waterproof
  • UV resistance
  • easy install
  • Improves fuel efficiency

This MOSTPLUS Quarter Soft Truck Bed Cover is waterproof and UV resistant. Built with 3 heavy-duty aluminum powder-coated frames and 4 horizontal crossbars to avoid airlift issues. The cover has a built-in clip to ensure stability and prevent the cover from shaking while driving. A clamp-on lock and secure straps keep the cover in place for added security. It comes with a stick touch lamp that can be attached to the inside of the bed, making it easier to check when loading and unloading luggage in the dark. This truck bed cover claims to improve fuel efficiency by up to 12%.

$151.62 at Amazon

Main features

  • Made of double layer PVC and solid alloy
  • 20 minutes to install
  • reinforced corner design
  • Tear-resistant
  • water resistant

YITAMOTOR’s tri-fold tonneau cover is made from high quality materials to provide year-round weather protection. Excellent tear resistance, water resistance and high temperature resistance. Reinforced corner design, sturdy buckles and clamps keep the cover in place while driving. Installation is easy and takes about 20 minutes with no additional tools or drilling required. To install this truck bed cover, remove the bed rack or box and bed liner if present.

$1,449.99 at Amazon

Main features

  • Keep your stuff organized, dry and safe in all weather conditions.
  • Drawers can be locked even if the tailgate of the truck is not open
  • 2,000 lb payload capacity
  • Can be removed and reinstalled as needed
  • Cover wheel wells for additional surface area
  • Made in the USA with Recycled Materials

The Decked Truck Bed Storage Solution is more of an organization tool than a truck bed cover, but it is tonneau compatible. They’re typically more expensive than traditional tonneau covers, but they offer more storage options for tools and gear, and the ability to carry larger items to the rest of the bed. Installing a truck bed stowage system will cause some bed depth to be lost, so keep that in mind when transporting large loads. Also, if you use gooseneck trailers a lot, a truck bed storage system is probably not the best solution. We have deck storage systems for full size and heavy duty trucks. If keeping small tools and gear organized is a priority, you should seriously consider spending a little more money on your truck’s bed storage system.

Below are links to truck bed storage systems with decks for various truck models.

$169.00 on Amazon

Main features

  • Compatible with Ford Maverick
  • Dual coated 24oz marine grade vinyl cover
  • 4+1 reinforced aluminum ribs
  • Corrosion resistance
  • self-cleaning effect
  • easy install

Tiptop’s Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Cover is made specifically for the Ford Maverick. Compatible with all Mavericks except models with factory utility systems and roll bars. This truck cover is weather resistant and built to last in all weather conditions. It has a self-cleaning effect due to its external coating and keeps water and particulate contaminants away.

$909.00 at Amazon

Main features

  • aluminum cover
  • automatic latch system
  • UV resistance
  • Weatherability
  • 3 year warranty

BAK BAKFlip hardshell truck bed covers are extremely durable and functional. Made from solid core aluminum panels that are UV and weather resistant. The cover is foldable and can be folded upright to carry large loads without removing the cover. No matter how you fold it, the cover will not block the 3rd brake light while driving. This cover comes with a 3-year hassle-free warranty.

Advantages and disadvantages of truck bed covers

Retractable truck covers offer many benefits for pickups. Most importantly, it protects your cargo from the elements and the prying eyes of potential thieves. The aerodynamic design of truck bed covers also helps improve fuel efficiency in pickups. One of the downsides of truck covers is the price. It’s not cheap, so it might not seem worth it to someone who doesn’t use the truck bed often. Another drawback is the size. Truck beds vary in length and width, so precise dimensions are necessary when choosing the right cover.

What size should I choose?

Truck owners looking to purchase a truck bed cover should always measure the length and width of their truck bed before purchasing. Start measuring from the driver’s seat of the truck to the rear tailgate. Truck bed covers have very specific dimensions depending on the make, model and year of the truck.

How to install a truck bed cover

Installation of the truck cover is very easy and most models do not require additional tools. Drilling may be required on some trucks with pre-installed bedrails. Installation depends on the size of your truck and the brand of truck bed cover you have, but most come with tarpaulins, clamps and straps that attach to the rear bed.

Are truck bed covers waterproof?

Pickup truck bed covers aren’t necessarily 100% waterproof, but they are all made to be water resistant. Most of the water can be prevented from getting under the cover or in the bed.

Hard and soft truck bed covers

Choosing a softshell or hardshell truck bed cover depends on what you are carrying and how secure you want to be. Soft truck bed covers are inexpensive and provide access to the entire bed at all times. Hard truck covers are more durable and last longer. It’s more difficult to access than a soft top, but it’s great for keeping your stuff safe.

Can a tonneau cover be used with a truck bed stowage system?

Yes, with a truck bed stowage system like Decked, you can fit a tonneau cover over it. However, keep in mind that using a truck bed stowage system reduces the depth of the truck bed. So if your main need is to carry large loads, or if you use a gooseneck trailer, you can keep your small tools and gear organized, but the truck bed storage system is a great addition to your pickup truck bed. may not be optimal for

What style of cover is the best tonneau cover?

The answer to this question depends on the truck owner. Choose from soft roll up cover, soft folding, hard roll up, hard folding, retractable or full shell. Each type of tonneau cover has its own list of pros and cons, and which one is the “best” depends on many factors, including budget and use case.

What are the most important specifications to consider when buying a tonneau cover?

Also pay attention to the size and material of the cover. It’s also a good idea to consider other features that may or may not be on the cover, such as locking systems. Does the cover you’re looking for come with a warranty or a lifetime warranty?

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