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Bohemia Interactive announces FPS/RTS Silica for Steam

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Bohemia Interactive, the Czech studio behind Arma games Day Z, announced an all-new game on Thursday. It’s a blend of real-time strategic combat and first-person shooter action.called silicaa hybrid RTS/FPS coming to Windows PC via Steam Early Access, thanks to Bohemia’s Incubator Program.

silica One “almost developed” was Martin “Dram” Melichárek. He was the lead developer. take on mars, Bohemia Interactive said in a news release. The game lets the player take on the role of a Commander in his RTS mode and can supervise his troops from orbit. Or as infantry in boots on the ground, from a first-person perspective, where you can control every unit and vehicle along with your personal arsenal.

silica promises three gameplay modes.

  • A strategy called flagship game mode where players compete for dominance by building, harvesting, and attacking enemies. This mode combines elements of his RTS and his FPS and can be played in up to three-way conflicts between factions.
  • Prospector mode. silicaIn first-person single or multiplayer, the player is tasked with exploring an area to harvest the valuable material bartherium. Come and go in this purpose-focused mode.
  • Arena has been described as “crazy” and “unbalanced FPS free-for-all”.

silica Launch on Steam According to Bohemia Interactive, it will be available “soon” for a 9-12 month early access period.

The hybrid genre of first-person shooter and real-time strategy is loved, but somewhat under-represented in games due to its complexity. But what stands out in the FPS/RTS space are some of the best in PC gaming, including classics. battle zone, natural choiceand Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

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