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Carmakers upgrade lineups to meet demand for high-end options

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“Every new car is a luxury purchase.”

Part of the problem is that more Americans want expensive SUVs and pickups with all the options, which can cost as much as 40% above the base price, he added. .

Over the past decade, luxury car shoppers have repeatedly reiterated their willingness to spend more on luxury vehicles and the funding that comes with it.

“Base models are attractive in theory, but they rarely hit the streets,” says Drury. “At this point, all new cars are luxury purchases.”

“Who do you blame the consumer buying these options, the dealers ordering these cars, or the automakers making fewer base models?” he said.

With more people getting price cuts out of the new car market, automakers may start testing cheaper alternatives, but if consumer interest is high, prices for those models could rise as well. There is

For now, the best way to get a base model vehicle is to order it directly through your dealer.

“There could be a completely superior alternative for about half the cost,” he said.

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