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Deadlock abilities explained: Valorant’s new web mechanics

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A new Hunter has joined the Valorant battlefield.

These deadlock abilities are game changers that force opponents to change their approach when attacking sites and advancing defenses.

Norwegian Sentinel Agent Deadlock introduces a unique twist and fresh mechanics that will have a major impact on the Valorant meta.

Agent 23 of Valorant can concussion, trap, block and eliminate enemies with deadly nanowire traps.

Everything you need to know about deadlocks is here.

What You Need to Know About Deadlock Capabilities

grab net

Equip the GravNet Grenade by pressing the Ability 1 key (C). Fire (left click) to throw the ability. Use Alt Fire (right click) to fire grenades from below.

The GravNet explodes upon landing, causing enemies caught inside to crouch and move slowly.

sonic sensor

Equip the Sonic Sensor by pressing the Ability 2 key (Q). Fire (left click) to deploy abilities.

Sensors monitor the area for noisy enemies. When footsteps, weapon fire, or significant noise is detected, the area will be shaken.

barrier mesh

Ability Press the 3 key (E) to equip the Barrier Mesh Disc. Fire (left click) to throw the ability.

Upon landing, the disc will generate a barrier from its origin, blocking the character’s movement. Barrier meshes also block the abilities of agents, including Gekko’s Wingman.


Press the Ultimate key (X) to equip the Nanowire Accelerator. Fire (left click) to release a pulse of nanowires that trap the first enemy it touches.

Cocooned targets are dragged along a designated nanowire route, and if the trapped agents reach the end of this path without being rescued, they die. Nanowire cocoons are destructive and require a large number of bullets to break.

Valorant Developer Explains Deadlock’s Design Process

According to Valorant game designer Alexander Mistakidis, we wanted to create an agent that could actively maintain a position with utilities rather than having to set them up in advance.

“Our hope is that this will appeal to players who value being able to adjust their play and strategy based on information about their opponents,” Alexander said.

Deadlock was specifically designed for the tactical player who excels in responding to situations already underway.

“It all had that improvisational nature of someone honing their craft and knowing which tools to use depending on what was going to happen,” said Valorant agent lead John Gosicki. I was. “This resonated with the metaphor of a person surviving on their own, overcoming otherworldly challenges.”

“Deadlock brings her skills and tools to the game, and it’s up to you to use them correctly to stop any enemy attack,” he added.

Deadlock will be released on June 27, following the release of Act 1 of Episode 7.

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