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Debit Cards May Soon Fall Under Cash Prices at Gas Stations – NBC Connecticut

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Cash or card – filling the tank or not is always an internal debate.

“I think it plays a big role, but I don’t really see that much of a difference,” Shelton’s Eddie Radzion said.

At Newington on Wednesday, the difference was just over 1 nickel per gallon.

“I use my card all the time, and I know it’s bad,” said Delia McGuire, a student at Central Connecticut State University.

But every penny adds up. This is the idea behind a law that requires petrol stations with cash discounts to offer the same price to customers who use debit cards.

Those who put forward the bill said it was unfair to lump debit cards into credit prices because they see debit as a form of cash.

“Not all gas stations have multiple prices. said Marcus Brown (D-Bridgeport) of

The bill passed the House this week, but earlier this year Chris Herb testified against it on behalf of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association (CEMA), which represents fuel distributors in the state.

CEMA President Chris Herb said:

Now, some gas station owners are already adopting cash prices on debit cards as a way to gain a competitive edge, but if everyone were forced to follow the policy, price cuts could disappear entirely. Herb believes that

“If I can’t afford to apply cash discounts to my debit card, and the law compels me, and that’s what this bill is for, and it’s required of you, I’ll stop offering them. That’s unfortunate for customers,” Herb said.

But Brown thinks otherwise. He said that even without cash discounts, local gas stations are generally cheaper than big-name gas stations with multiple pricing.

According to Brown, credit card prices have increased, allowing many stations to cover the credit card company’s fees.

“The fees they charge on credit and debit cards are so high that even if they stop charging the debit card 10 cents, the money they make from credit card processing fees will offset the debit card charges. You can,” said Brown. He said.

The bill is expected to be voted on in the state Senate in the coming weeks.

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