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Diablo IV Interview Questions Accused Of Being Fabricated

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Last week, a video was released of two senior developers working on it. Diablo IVBy: Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora and Art Director John Mueller. In this clip, the duo were presented with a series of questions from “fans,” which they answered at length, but it didn’t take long before the questions turned out to be oddly specific.

This is a video posted on the Future Games Show channel that appears to be made to promote both the game and the event. The event is an annual showcase for British media publishers, especially their video game sites. game radar:

Diablo 4 Developers Answer Your Questions

I was also watching Philtacular and was one of those who thought this question was a bit strangeHowever, Future Game Show provided each questioner’s social media information so helpfully that they looked into each one.

However, it is not a one-time thing. There are so many!

I don’t want to keep posting, but there are accounts on other sites like Reddit, and there is no evidence that they actually asked such a question. Of course, this led to suspicions that the question was fabricated, but this ruse can be at least partially explained by the fact that FGS asked the community the question. Diablo IV I did an interview on May 13th… but got no response.

I reached out to both FGS and Blizzard for comment, and Blizzard replied: Kotaku “Blizzard is not involved in the process of collecting questions.” Community representative I also posted a video about Diablo subreddit“This was an interview Joe and John gave last week during their EU press tour with numerous media outlets. [These] Interview questions come from the media and we just answer them. The team is tracking down the media to inquire about the origin of the question. ”

If the question was really a hoax, this is just the funniest example of the pointlessness of putting together an often-forgotten Prerelease promotion. What was so unwavering about this arrangement was that, although there were clearly zero actual questions, it seemed more made up than staffed. game radarA video game website that summarizes events— Would you like to ask a few questions instead?why expresslyA stupid scandal that no one else would have cared about!?

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