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Disney Sets Star Wars Film, Delays Marvel, Avatar Sequel Release Dates – Variety

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Disney has made major changes to its release calendar, adding new “Star Wars” movies and a live-action version of “Moana” to its schedule, and delaying the next three “Avatar” movies by a year. At this rate, her fifth trip to Pandora will be published in her 2031. For those who want to know the math, it will be eight years after her.

A highlight of the overhaul is the release of the live-action version of Moana on June 27, 2025. ‘Deadpool 3’ moved up from his November 8, 2024 to his May 3, 2024. An untitled Star Wars movie will be released on December 18, 2026. “Avatar 3” was changed on December 19, 2025. ‘Avatar 4’ until December 21, 2029 and ‘Avatar 5’ until December 19, 2031. Based on this timeline, the final “Avatar” movie will come out 22 years after the original 2009 blockbuster.

Other changes include major Marvel mods. The release date of “Captain America: Brave New World” has been changed from May 3, 2024 to July 26, 2024, and accordingly “Thunderbolts” will be released on December 20, 2024, and “Blade” February 14, 2025, “Fantastic” has been postponed. “Avengers: Kang Dynasty” has been postponed for a full year from May 2, 2025 to May 1, 2026. It replaces the jumping “Avengers: Secret Wars”. From May 1, 2026 to May 7, 2027.

With the addition of a Star Wars movie in December 2026, there will be two movies set in a galaxy far, far away that year. Another “Star Wars” movie has been postponed from December 19, 2025 to May 22, 2026. Another “Star Wars” movie is set for December 17, 2027. Disney has not clarified the premise of those installments.

Elsewhere, Alien, the new film directed by Fede Alvarez and produced by Ridley Scott, will be released on August 16, 2024.

Production delays and the ongoing WGA strike are part of the backdrop for an overhaul of the release plan. Disney recently paused production on Blade and Thunderbolts, which has had ripple effects on the rest of the interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As for “Avatar,” the space between sequels will allow the post-production and visual effects departments to continue expanding, developing, and refining the various ecosystems across the vast world of Pandora.

“Each Avatar movie is an exciting but epic undertaking and it takes time to reach the level of quality that we aim for as filmmakers and that audiences expect,” producer Jon Landau wrote on Twitter. rice field. “The team is working hard and we can’t wait to bring our audience back to Pandora again in December 2025.”

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