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DIY: Create Beautiful Easter Eggs With Silk Ties

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This is a great and easy Easter egg craft! Wrapping eggs in 100% silk fabric and simmering them in water and vinegar creates a stunning surprise egg effect. For this craft, use an old tie or scarf that you don’t mind cutting. This craft only works with 100% silk. If you don’t have ties around the house, you can find nice ties and scarves for a little money by visiting thrift stores. And the great thing is that silk can be reused up to 3 times.

please note: The eggs used for this craft are I can not eatThe dyes used in the fabric are probably not food safe.

materials and consumables

raw egg or blown egg (Try mixing white and brown)
Silk tie or scarf (must be 100% silk!)
White cloth such as an old T-shirt or dishcloth
pipe cleaners, twist ties or rubber bands
white vinegar


Scissors and/or seam ripper
Non-reactive pot (stainless steel or enamel works best, not aluminum)


1. Cut a tie or scarf into a square that fits around the egg. If using a tie, open the back of the tie with scissors or a seam ripper. Remove and discard the lining and tag.
2. Wrap each egg in silk with the printed side facing the egg. Secure the top with twist ties or rubber bands.
3. Next, wrap the silk-wrapped egg in a white cloth and fix it again.
4. Place all wrapped eggs in a non-reactive pan. Fill the pan with cold water so that the eggs are completely covered.
5. Add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar to the egg water. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes.
6. Remove the eggs with tongs (spoon if convenient) and place on a tray to cool.
7. When the eggs are cool, open them and see how beautiful they are!!!
8. Serve the eggs in your favorite bowl or plate! If you want a little shine, try rubbing each egg with a little vegetable oil.

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