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Do or Don’t: Fanny Packs

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Today, let’s talk about polarized accessories…

Ever since they became popular in the 80’s, fanny packs have had a bad reputation. They were the number one identifier of avid tourists. Mallwalker’s statement bag. “belt digesting small animals

So when I started seeing them riding celebrities’ butts, I was surprised. Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne Dating back to 2017. The leather designer his packs they wore are nothing like their neon-nylon ancestors. But fanny pack rebranding was a fad, and I didn’t expect it to last.

Five years later: I have a two-year-old and my hand real estate has become very valuable. You don’t have the time or the patience to bring a toddler to hunt for wipes and pretzels in a big leather tote.So when mother of two Aurelia Ugarte looked super cute her fanny pack diapers, purses, chopsticks, lotions, and Snack, I’m curious.

A few more months after reading reviews and finding fanny pack info (above: here, here, hereand here), I decided to start with a casual everyday type and purchased it the cuteness of this flower.

These days, when you go to the grocery store, you don’t have to choose to have a bulky purse weighing down your shoulders or taking up space in an ever-overfilled cart. You can put it down and flutter around.

Also, have you ever ridden a bicycle with a big bag? But Fanny he makes biking with a pack easy and relaxing. With room to carry a couple of snacks, all you have to worry about is where to stop for your next break.

best fanny packs for women

After two months in the fanny pack life, I’m proud to convert and want to add a second style to my collection.a leather one Perfect for date night.i like this too crossbody style this Gingham check.

idea? Where do you stand in the fanny pack?

PS More do’s and don’ts and Kim Anderson fanny pack outfits.

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(Photo layout by Jannelle Sanchez. First grid from top to bottom, left to right: Outfit of the Week: Jo Photos of Vancouver by Jo; Outfit of the Week: Photo by Kim Anderson Christine Hana week of outfits: Aurelia Ugarte photo Morgan LeeCostume Week: Photos of Erica Kim Judy NguyenSecond grid from top to bottom, left to right: photo of leather fanny pack Erica KimBugoo fanny pack photo courtesy Valerie MetzSnake Fanny Pack Photo Contributor Katie Sturinoblack fanny pack photo contributor Emily Wells.)

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