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Dungeons & Dragons New OGL Will Be an ‘Irrevocable’ Creative Commons License

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Dungeons & Dragons released statement of the day The future of open gaming licenses creative commonsCreative Commons is “a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing knowledge and has developed a set of licenses to enable creators to do just that,” says Creative Commons. Dungeons & Dragons.

This decision direct response To the many fears the community had after Reported by io9 About the first OGL 1.1 draft on January 5th. A CC license cedes a lot of power to the nonprofit that manages the license. It’s a lot of pressure for creators who used the original OGL 1.0 and were worried about the impact of the 30-day release clause. OGL1.1.

Further, the statement said, “There are no royalty payments, financial reports, license backs, registrations, or distinctions between commercial and non-commercial use.” All of these were contested in OGL 1.1. The main reason is that they are not in his OGL 1.0 and such “tethered” contracts are intentionally against the spirit of “open” games. of the Open Gaming Foundation website.

There are some issues from OGL 1.1 that are continued in a new OGL called OGL 1.2. The biggest concern many creators had was the decertification of OGL 1.0a. It’s still moving forward, but Brink specifically says that moving forward with CC licensing is the company’s attempt to allay these concerns, and that all older content will not be affected by OGL 1.2. “One of the main reasons we have to decertify is that if someone could choose to publish harmful, discriminatory, or illegal content under 1.0a, they would not be able to use the protection options in 1.2. That’s it.”

Dungeons & Dragons seems dedicated to staying steadfast against bigoted and hateful content. “His OGL 1.2 license to the content may be terminated if he includes (or publicly engages in) any content that is harmful, discriminatory, or illegal,” reads the statement. While this is theoretically a policy that requires good intentions, in practice it requires moderation and maintenance by Wizards of the Coast.In the wake of spell jammers Inclusion and public treatment of Hudseyit remains to be seen whether D&D can moderate this kind of content in a respectful, inclusive, and progressive way.

Additionally, Brink states that “what [Dungeons & Dragons] teeth The goal here is to give honest creators the same level of freedom (or more, for anything on Creative Commons) to create great TTRPG content for everyone. Inclusive and welcoming. A commitment to create an irrevocable license under the Creative Commons Foundation seems like a good step towards that, but it wouldn’t have happened.Ed If Dungeons & Dragons Bringing together creators, influencers, fans and third-party publishers to Proposed OGL 1.1.

New OGL 1.2 Licenses are subject to the same type Feedback and revisions For Dungeons & Dragons books. In gaming terminology, this is called playtesting and allows fans to share their concerns. Dungeons & Dragons directly.

You can see the whole picture of Here is the proposed OGL 1.2.

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