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Everything We Know About Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s Breakup

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly called off their six-year relationship.

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“It wasn’t dramatic,” said the insider. “The relationship just ran its course. That’s why [Alwyn] Not spotted on any show. ”

people The pair also independently confirmed this news through sources close to the pair.

As of Monday morning, neither Swift nor Alwyn has directly commented on the report, but fans on social media are getting emotional as the pop star cries as she sings some of her most heartbreaking songs. pointed out that era tour Performance — “The Champagne Problem” these days.

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Surprise breakup news comes after friends of pair say people Just last month Alwyn ended up traveling with Swift for her era tour Whenever his schedule allows. “Joe travels with her whenever he can. They are great together. Joe is very supportive of her career,” her source said at the time.

“Lavender Haze” singer Conversation with friends The actors began dating in late 2016, and the pair have deliberately kept their relationship details private over the years. wall street journal In an April 2022 interview, Alwyn shyly replied:

While the pair have largely hidden the details of their relationship from the press, many fans speculate that Swift dedicated many songs to her and Alwyn’s romance. The actor is also credited under the pseudonym William His Bowery on multiple Taylor songs, including “Sweet Nothing” on his recent studio album. midnight.

Swift herself opened up about their relationship for the last time, ahead of its release last October. midnightwhen discussing the inspiration behind her track “Lavender Haze.”

“I came across the phrase ‘Lavender Haze’ while watching mad men,” the singer explained Instagram video. “I thought it sounded cool so I looked it up and found that it’s a common phrase to describe being in love in the ’50s. If you’re in ‘Lavender Haze,’ it means you’ve been In that all-encompassing radiance of love, I thought it was truly beautiful.

“Theoretically, when you’re in ‘Lavender Haze,’ you’ll do anything to stay there,” she continued, before touching on her love life. don’t let it out of that cloud we live in the age of social media so i think a lot of people have to deal with this now, not just ‘public figures’ . If you fall in love with someone, they will argue about it. Like my six-year relationship, we had to avoid weird rumors and tabloid stuff.The real thing. ignoring such things in order to protect “

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