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First video of Tesla Cybertruck’s absurdly large windshield wiper in action

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We’ve finally seen a video of the Cybertruck windshield wipers in action. This puts an end to the debate over whether ridiculously large wipers work.

Ever since the Cybertruck was first shown to the public, people have been wondering how to clean the giant front window. Early prototypes had giant windshield wipers, later prototypes had smaller wipers. Up until a few weeks ago, I’d even seen it without wipers at all, but the windows still had spots that looked like they could hold wipers.

Through all these videos and photos, I have never seen wipers in action.In sunny California or Texas, in the rain, no one has been able to catch the truck.

But today, we were able to see drone video of a Cybertruck’s wipers in action over Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory facility.

Here is the full 4k video posted on youtube: Brad Throne (Well done Brad, with impressive resolution and zoom). When the Cyber ​​truck portion starts, the link is time-stamped at 12:53 (the wipers start at 13:42).

The truck is parked on a rotating platform in front of an airflow simulator constructed from shipping containers and appears to undergo some sort of aerodynamic test.it was found in Same position as yesterdaybut the video is not that good.

However, this is not a true wind tunnel. Because it’s not big enough to park a truck completely indoors. Therefore, it is not very useful for analyzing airflow from vehicles, as it does not have access to the same instrumentation and controlled environment as a wind tunnel. There are not many automotive wind tunnels in the world and they are very expensive.

But this could at least help quickly verify the functionality of the windshield wipers. This seems to be happening here.

An employee (who said he was spotted at 13:23) is seen standing outside the truck with a spray bottle and spraying the windshield. The video resolution is impressive, but not enough to see individual water droplets.

Also, Tesla appears ready to record such tests with a tripod set up at the top of the tunnel exit.

In the video, you can see that the sweep of a single giant wiper blade actually covers most of the truck’s giant windshield, except for the top corner on the passenger side.

With such a large windshield, this doesn’t block anyone’s view.when we took short ride At the unveiling Cybertruck, the interior and windshield felt huge.

Whether or not this is the final form of wipers remains to be seen. The visual design may change before the track is launched.And it still resembles the wiper that Tesla CEO Elon Musk said won’t It will be the final version of the track.

But I can’t imagine they’re testing wipers like this unless they’re near final form…months before production starts…on the final vehicle.

Cybertruck was originally scheduled to arrive by late 2021, but has been delayed multiple times. Most recently, Tesla said it would start production this summer, but summer is quickly approaching, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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