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Ford says production will increase to meet demand for hot models

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Ford has released a string of highly desirable vehicles over the past few years, from the Mustang Mach E to the Maverick Pickup to the F-150 Lightning. That’s good news. The bad news, at least for Ford and its buyers, is that the Blue Oval doesn’t seem to be keeping up with demand. Ford’s recent production ramp-up announcement could add to Ford’s shift in his EV model, which could boost production.

Ford said it is ramping up production at its sites across North America, citing new shifts at its Kansas City assembly plant to ramp up E-Transit production. Dearborn, which makes the F-150, is also looking at ways to increase production at its truck plant.

Ford, which recently halted production lines at its Rouge electric vehicle center due to problems with the F-150 Lightning battery, recently announced it will reopen the plant and said it would invest $2 billion to ramp up truck production. The move will also bring 3,200 union jobs to the site.

The Bronco Sport and Maverick will see a production increase of over 80,000 in 2023, while the Mustang Mach E will grow to 210,000 by the end of the year. With both gas and electric transit variants on the rise, Ford said it would invest $95 million to add 1,100 jobs and increase production by 38,000 vehicles.

This is good news for Ford buyers and should take some pressure off the automaker’s ordering and booking process, but it’s interesting to see this announcement now. It’s been years, but there’s still a tough waiting list to get your hands on. The same goes for Maverick, who late last year discovered that the wait time for some of his Mach-E variants stretched over six months.

Waiting months for a new car can be annoying, but the ordeal hasn’t given Ford’s sales numbers much of a speed bump. The company’s EV sales were also up 68%, showing that long waits aren’t deterring buyers.

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