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did you get any texts this week is not about white lotusEveryone I know is talking about next Sunday’s finale — who dies? who dies?They are in the hotel restaurant, so why do they eat at the hotel restaurant every night? SicilyI am totally stuck with the twists and turns and would recommend the following Evan Ross Katz for his delightful photo recap.

Mo tv shows Netflix

Another show I enjoy now is mo – Have you ever seen? The Netflix comedy-drama follows Mo Najjar, a Palestinian refugee living in Houston, as he seeks asylum with his mother, sister, and brother while trying to find his job and his love. His Mo Amer, who wrote and starred in the semi-autobiographical show, said: GQ Middle East “That Seth Rogan, ‘I’m feeling the positivity of life right now,’ strains his voice. It’s all thirsty and warm and dope and cuddly.” Click here for the trailerif you want to take a look.

in an article in the New York Times best party games for adults, Nigeria-based author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie shared this approach. And always want something about their sex life. It doesn’t always work out. Usually the first person says, “No, no, come on.” Then the second person said, “Well, I’ve done this once…” and suddenly everyone laughed. What do you think: A brilliant conversation starter or your personal hell?

neck relaxer

Finally, when Haley Nerman rave about this neck alignment relaxer, could not have ordered sooner. “Friends who come over always lie on it, sometimes after a few drinks,” she wrote. “It does things to your neck that you didn’t even know you wanted.” . God’s blessing!

PS More fun and Amy Poehler’s wise words.

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