Museum activities for kids

I would love to try this idea the next time I go to an art museum. ali label: “What I like to do sometimes (especially when I’m in a portrait gallery) is look for themes in the artwork. I don’t mean conceptual themes, shoes, animals, stripes, etc. , It’s like consistency within a painting. Now I’m looking for a bow.”

heather taylor pink tablecloth

I like it, too Ali’s Instagramincluding her photo Heather Taylor The tablescape (and the inspiration for tonight’s solo dinner, and the chunks of Gruyère).

best track shorts for women

Do you ever wear track shorts? So cool he has a 70’s vibe, perfect for summer weekends and running around by the pool. 3 versions: colorful, mesh, classic. again, these super cute kids For kids!

easy lime popsicle recipe

Last but not least, when my sister and I were in Sonoma last month, I met a friend who lives there. She ended up hanging around in the freezer and handing us lime popsicles one by one. And oh, there’s nothing more refreshing on a warm afternoon.I’m going to stock up for this summer make it yourself.

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