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Google Stadia celebrates shutdown with controller update, new game

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Expanding / Like it never happened.

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Google Stadia is scheduled to run this week. This service will end on January 18th. spurred developer And following hours of lost game progress, Stadia’s shutdown is going as smoothly as possible. refund Whenever you purchase a game on our service, Google now open Allows the service’s controller to act as a generic Bluetooth device after Stadia is stopped.in the post of Official Stadia forumsa community manager wrote on Friday:

Giving controllers a second life was one of the last things people wanted in Stadia’s shutdown. As a Stadia product, the controller took a unique approach of connecting directly to the internet via Wi-Fi rather than the usual route of connecting to the device you’re playing on and then connecting to the internet. It was a way to reduce the lag inherent in game streaming by a few milliseconds. Nothing else uses a Wi-Fi video game controller, so when the Stadia servers shut down, the controller goes to e-waste. It could technically be used as a general-purpose controller when connected to a computer via USB, but nobody wants a wired controller anymore.

The Stadia Controller has been well received and may be on sale soon.
Expanding / The Stadia Controller has been well received and may be on sale soon.

Google’s product listings have always been candid about controllers with Bluetooth chips, but have stated that “Bluetooth Classic functionality is not enabled at this time.” It has all the pieces to save your controller from the garbage pile, and Google promises a firmware update to make this happen.

in us study reviewKyle Orland, senior gaming editor at Ars, called the controller “one of the highlights of the Stadia launch package,” calling it “a solid, well-balanced weight, comfortable and clicky face buttons and analog sticks, It features a high-quality ergonomic design – padded and shoulder triggers; and a powerful and unique rumble motor.” far below expectationsand these controllers have been piled up in warehouses for years.All Stadia controllers have a manufacturing date on the back, and all known models have Made in 2019 During the first manufacturing process. The controller was originally pulled from stores after the shutdown announcement, but it’s now on his second lease, so we’re looking for a bargain.

Google has announced that it will be announcing not only controller updates, but new games as well. Yes, with about four days left on Friday, Stadia got a new game.it is called Worm game, was used as a test platform for developing Stadia.you can play now For free! Google describes the game as follows:

Play games that came to Stadia before Stadia came to the world. Worm game is the humble title we used to test many of Stadia’s features well before its general availability in 2019 through 2022. It won’t win Game of the Year, but the Stadia team put in a lot of time to play. we share it with you Thanks for playing.

Worm game It’s just a clone of the classic game snakeIt’s a top view of a snake that can move in 4 directions, grows every time it eats an apple, and the goal is to hit nothing. Worm game In fact, it reminds me why Stadia was such a bad service. I tried the game and quickly found my 600mb/s connection to be “flaky”. Also, the whole game was blurry, like a low-res YouTube video. Due to the lag inherent in game streaming, responsive games are: snake It feels sick and you spend a lot of time figuring out how fast you have to press the button to execute a tight turn. Installs in minutes and runs directly in your browser without any installation.Instead, streaming over the internet consumes gigabytes of data. Compare that to Stadia. Worm game to the version built into Google searchand the “native” search version is much better.

For some other Stadia odds and ends: Some games allow you to move your game data to other platforms if the service has it. 9to5Google There’s a great overview of which games support exporting data. Former Microsoft and Sony executive Phil Harrison, who joined Google as “Vice President of Stadia,” is still technical job on google. Unless Google has other game projects he could take on, you have to wonder what his future holds at the company.

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