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Green Tea May Not Be The Best Beverage For Hydration

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Green tea may not be the best drink for hydration, but it is unlikely to have a positive dehydrating effect unless consumed in large amounts.a study It turns out that you need to consume about 6-13 cups of tea per day to become dehydrated. But it’s also worth keeping in mind other diuretic sources you take. These may include coffee, caffeinated teas (including black, oolong and white teas) and other teas such as dandelion, hibiscus and yerba mate. When it comes to diuretics, it’s all about quantity. Because they can stack.

Also be careful if you consume other sources of caffeine throughout the day. Excess caffeine can lead to adverse effects such as irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations, and dizziness. Mount Sinai. A few cups of green tea have many health benefits and won’t cause dehydration. However, from a hydration standpoint, it is no substitute for water.

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