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Growing Old Gratefully: How to See Each Year as a Gift

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Grateful age. Yes you read that right. appreciate. I am getting older and younger and wrinkled with each passing year, so why am I grateful?? I hear you cry. Tell me why I’m trying so hard

I was chatting with my uncle one bright Saturday afternoon a few years ago when he reminded me that my 40th birthday was approaching. I rolled my eyes and said, “Yes, uncle, thanks for reminding me.”

He looked at me for a moment and said, Some people just can’t make it to his 40th birthday. ’ The remark was very cold and made me feel humbled.

That conversation got me thinking. Why do we fear getting older so much? What is the most shameful stigma attached to it and why?

Aside from the apparent slowdown, loss of vitality, and general “near death“, we have found that many of our fears of aging lie in vanity. equate happiness with happiness. We characterize old age in opposition. In fact, I fear that as I get older, I will almost become obsolete.

In a society that worships beauty and vitality, we’re all panicking over anti-aging serums, trying anti-aging diets, following anti-aging fitness regimens, and generally trying our best to stave off signs that we’re aging. No wonder we are doing our best. to grow old.

All these issues are, well, we’re old. It’s a fact of life and it happens whether you fight it or just let it. do you want?

Does that mean retiring to Dr. Scholl sandals and elastic waists? Never! ! But if I can enjoy life on this beautiful planet and still appreciate, accept, embrace, and dare I be here? Who benefits from gerontophobia, except for

The word anti-aging is also interesting. We use this term for bullying, anti-social behavior, and anything else that society considers unacceptable. Using this little four-letter word of his subtly conveys the message that aging is not only undesirable, but totally unacceptable.

I suggest changing our own story. Accepting aging as a privilege not given to everyone. To see it as a gift.

In Japanese culture, the way of thinking is quite different. The Japanese concept of aging is rooted in the philosophical traditions of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, which characterize aging as maturity. As such, old age is understood as a socially worthwhile part of life, even in the “spring” and “rebirth” periods after busy work and child rearing.(Karasawa et al., 2011).

It really appeals to me. If we are still here, enjoying life, being with our loved ones, we still have a future, we are in another phase of our beautiful existence, and new and exciting opportunities are still ahead. It is a celebration.

I believe that gratitude and positive aging depend on a mindset that applies to so many things that influence our attitudes.

If you cultivate the mindset that you can grow old with gratitude, live each day to the fullest with a natural body and natural skin, be able to watch the sunset and feel the warm embrace of your loved ones, still alive Be part of the living breath of our wonderful universe. Then I think we have a chance to drown out the negative message directed at society that aging is a shame. Unless I regain my youthful form, I should go find a rock that crawls to death.

I suggest giving yourself the right to age gracefully, with a healthy mindset about aging.

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