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Have a Beautiful Weekend. | Cup of Jo

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Cliffs of East Sussex

Cliffs of East Sussex

What are your plans for this weekend? My friend Odette and I are planning to throw a small party for her 8 friends on Saturday night (with cornices!). I also like small parties. I can chat, socialize, and read in bed until 10:30 p.m.

best travel pants ever(Bonus: 25% off sitewide, except for items already marked down, with code COJ25, valid until Monday.)

Nicky Sebastian cuteness house full of patterns?

9 women who found out their marriage was over. (New York Magazine)

Spring cooking chart. #bookmarked

If you’re looking for a family movie, the boys and I watched tall girl and enjoyed it.

Succession Power Ranking By the hilarious genius Hunter Harris.

Related: “I can’t keep my mouth shut about my “bad brother.”(NYMag)

Squeeeeee, this children’s clothing! I want to have a million babies.

impersonator of king charles Makes me laugh. (NY Times)

how silent props Like a quiet ice cube or a quiet paper bag, it’s made for movies and reduces on-set noise.

veggie burrito it looks tasty.

Hahahawas arrested.

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Additionally, three readers commented:

Sarah says 10 readers share work clothes. These pink dungareesThey go with any shoes (boots! Birks! sneakers!) and any top (tanks! sweaters! stripes!). . “

Gwyneth says 10 readers share work clothes. He’s not even a lawyer. Girl, you win! “

Emily says she had a lovely weekend. I’m reading you forever From the beginning. Yesterday, her husband and I walked into the center of Florence to meet an American family visiting Italy who is a friend of an American friend. we had never met them. This happens a lot here. Long story short, we sat outside in Piazza della Signoria. It was a little windy and my daughter’s hair was blowing in the wind. Was it too windy? Should I move inside? No, I said, her hair is nice, just a little messy and loose. According to the writer, Parisians wouldn’t speak to me in French, so I started doing my hair straight out of bed and they decided I might be French! Said “Cup of Joe! We carried on like teenage groupies. Our husband thought we were crazy and didn’t understand. Great one of our lives.” Thank you for being part of us. XO XO” [Ed. note: SOB. Thank you so much for sharing this, Emily.]

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