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Have a Chill Weekend. | Cup of Jo

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Joanna Goddard Lucy

Joanna Goddard Lucy

What are your plans for this weekend? We’re going to Jenny’s house for hamburgers tonight. Also, CoJ reader Alexa made me laugh. “All I can say is check in tomorrow and hope your weekend plans are watching ‘Dirty Dancing,'” she wrote yesterday. “Nothing else. If there is, cancel it.” I hope you get good results. Here are some links from around the web.

Love This blanket is perfect for summer nights.

did you see the trailer for dumb moneyIt looks convincing.?

now that is egg sandwich.

At Milwaukee Airport recombination area.

this dress It is very beautiful. (That scallop!)

Have you ever read a shocking essay about being twins? there i am almostThe same author wrote of the twins’ marriage and her own marriage: ? let go of my twin. “I’m really scared to be alone.” (The New Yorker)

As an aside, speaking of which, when I chatted with the man next to me in the audience at a writer’s reading, it turned out that they were twins. “Are you guys the same?” “My parents always thought we were, and now there’s a test we can take to confirm that, but we’re not going to take it.” he said. If we weren’t the same, it would blow me away.” When I asked why, he said, “Because then I would be all alone.” Charming, isn’t it? ? I’ve been thinking about it every few weeks since I’ve grown up.

In other news, I’m going to marry someone if they make me this cake.

who wants to walk in paris? (NYTimes gift link)

Icelandic words “Isbiltur” It translates as an “ice cream road trip” where the family gets in the car, takes a leisurely drive around town, and stops to eat ice cream. (via kottoke)

body talkco-signed.

make me laugh.

Plus three comments from our readers:

Mary happened to say about the thing I was most complimented on. “When I went to college up north, we had a beach-themed party in late October. It was a hit.People smelled us and had big smiles on their faces.There is something magical about a scent that takes you on a summer vacation.”

Brooke had a fun weekend: ‘Season 2 of the podcast’ turning The work, called “Mirror Room,” explores the complexities of the American ballet world and its many deep-rooted problems: racism, sexism, homophobia, body shaming, the eating disorder epidemic, and abuse. Beautifully captured, but from the point of view of someone who deeply loves art. shape. (Season 1, the story of Mother Teresa’s nuns, is similarly nuanced and engrossing.)

About the thing that got me the most compliments, Anon says: Whenever they stick needles in my arm, I close my eyes and imagine a jaw cup header. And it’s very comfortable. It may sound silly, but I used this trick twice in the last week. Please know that this site has brought me immeasurable joy and calms my central nervous system. ” [Ed note: Thank you, Anon; we are so touched.]

have a good one XO XO

(Picture of me with my twin sister)

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