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Have a Fun Weekend. | Cup of Jo

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What are your plans for this weekend?my sister sent me this birthday present Today — I turn 44 on Tuesday! — and I’ve never felt so seen, haha. A few family friends are coming over tonight for lasagna and sprinkles for her cake. Hope you have a good one.Here are some fun links on the web…

trailer Inheritance Season 4! can’t wait.

the only right thing to do be on a first date.

blue kitchen makes this 500 sq ft apartment.

how cute the color of this nail polish?

Monterey Park I remember: “In the bustling Chinese community of Monterey Park, my parents and I found the confidence that the overwhelmingly white space lacked. Far from it all, I transformed myself into a graceful, elegant woman who held her own as I bargained on a mahogany chair. And when I visited during Chinese New Year, seeing the red lanterns hanging in every storefront, the festive spirit of the city rushed over me, and I was totally blown away. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Monterey Park’s refusal to assimilate into American racial dualism allowed me to proudly embrace my Asian-American identity in high school and college. (New York Magazine)

minimalist photography award(sacred Tweet!)

Damn, I love poetry so much.toby reed this poem After my mother’s husband died, I felt very bad.

Michael Imperioli’s New York apartment Giving it a serious White Lotus vibe.

tomato and sausage risotto.

6 words to say When someone you love is having a bad day.

instead of a birthday present Cup of Jo Weekly Newsletter. 😉

Additionally, three readers commented:

Gwyneth talks about culinary failures: We decided to have a picnic lunch and went to the grocery store to buy patties and bread. did not. At checkout, did you think this might be cat food instead of pate? So we pointed at the can and meowed at the checkout girl. She frowned and shook her head, so I assumed we were fine. Lunch was pretty good, but I later wondered if the girl at the checkout thought I was asking if the meat was for cats or made by cats. I still don’t know if I ate cat food and baguette for lunch that day or not. ”

Cheryl said of 14 reader comments on reader comments: rallyOne day, while I was frantically throwing groceries and a grumpy toddler into the car, it started to rain. He grabbed a cart, stood up, looked at the store in the middle of the property, and said, “&@%! That’s Larry. I’ve never been so proud.”

Lauren O. has this to say about the jeans you’re wearing these days. Skinny), reader, I married them. I love experimenting with clothing, but forever treating these perfect jeans as building blocks makes it much easier to mix and match with confidence when it comes to shoes, tops, coats, whatever you have. I’m at peace. ”

(Photo by Tanya Yatsenko/Stocksy)

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