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Have a Restorative Weekend. | Cup of Jo

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puppy on the sofa

puppy on the sofa

What are your plans for this weekend? Honestly, this week has been tough with my grandmother missing, so I’m looking forward to picking myself up and lazy days together. sweet preteen and cheese pasta. Hope you have a good one – take good care of yourself – and here are some fun links on the web…

Kindness is a business model.

how it feels travel with family,mother.

Holy smoke, modern TV is good. Future plans: good mothersabout a woman facing down the mob. small beautiful things Kathryn Hahn plays a middle-aged woman trying to find herself.Dark comedy with Ali Wong and Stephen Yun beef.

A friend brought me here last weekend. the funniest board game. Everyone was laughing the whole time.

hmm cute spring expression.

this color quiz It was fun but annoying. how was it?

here Roundup of large capacity bags.

Who else wants to ride a train across Europe“I was on the dining car of the train from my home in Prague to an event in Budapest. Despite the great service and cool decor, the food was far better than I expected. Crispy and incredibly thin fried chicken fillet, tender on the inside, accompanied by potato croquettes and Plato’s ideal of craft beer, custom brewed for the train. It was spectacular.” (NYTimes gift link)

how gorgeous these paintings?


Additionally, four reader comments:

Of the best Midwestern comedies, Becca said: I am in Southern Wisconsin. The maximum temperature today is only 50 degrees for him, but it’s sunny and I saw a chipmunk this morning. First season! I love those little goofballs. Also, shout out to residents of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Chicago for their most recent votes. “

Of what she learned from her grandparents and elders, Hannah said: She loves that Grandpa Norm told her to put $10 in her coat pocket when she puts it away during her season. She’s been without him for over five years, but she still thinks of him when she changes coats. “

About what she learned from her grandparents/elders, Laura said: Here she goes through a middle-aged divorce, halves her family photos, reimagines holidays, and rewrites the forensics of history. All I have to do is ask my dearest soul mate, her grandmother, to put her hand on my head wherever she is. And I am stable.

Elise shares what she learned from her grandparents and elders: This poem felt very Millie to me…”

i’m standing on the shore
Henry Van Dyke

I’m standing on the shore
The ship beside me spreads her white
Set sail on the morning breeze and set off into the blue sea.

She is an object of beauty and strength.
I stand and watch her to the end
she hangs like a white cloud
Where sea and sky come
cross each other.

Then someone on my side says,
“Look, she’s gone!”

“Where did you go?”
disappeared from sight. That’s all.
she’s as big as the mast and hull
like when she left me
and she can stand her
A live cargo load into the port of destiny.
Her reduced size is in me, not hers.

And someone just at that moment
For my part, I say, “There she is gone!”
There are other eyes watching her coming,
And other voices ready to pick up the shouts of joy.
“She’s here!”
And it is dying.

(Photo credit: Irina Polonina/Stocksy)

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