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How to Be a Neighborhood Aunt

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How to become a neighborhood aunt

To file under “The cutest question ever asked” my friend Ziva texted me yesterday…

How to become a neighborhood aunt

“Would you like to have sushi with Sunny tonight?” she asked, talking about her daughter. “It will be one of her Hanukkah presents.” How adorable is that?

How to become a neighborhood aunt

Sunny is 7 years old and my little best friend. Is there anything more heartwarming than being friends with your friends’ kids? You can be a fun aunt. fun they. We played Guess Who, she showed us her gymnastic moves, and we ate chocolate milkshakes with the boys.

How to become a neighborhood aunt

Another friend is Linus, friend Allison’s 5-year-old. When his parents are in trouble, he comes over for snacks and comics. And he plays a game where he keeps his mouth shut and guesses what the other person is saying.

How to become a neighborhood aunt

His sister Georgie was then blown onto the scene…

How to become a neighborhood aunt

…and stole all our hearts! in short! !

How to become a neighborhood aunt

Over the past few years, I have treasured these new relationships. Of course, it’s fun to have a quirky little friend in your neighborhood. I also love that my sons can hang out with kids of all ages, just like their cousin Puddle. They learn to be patient (-ish) with the younger ones and download slang from the older ones.

Plus, it’s nice to have a clear way to help a parent’s friend. Those early days are no joke! The boys are a little older at 9 and he at 12, so thankfully there’s more headspace to add another person to the dinner table or movie night.As Anne Helen Peterson “People need and want help, people need and want to give,” he wrote. Many of us find it difficult to ask for help or accept it when asked for it. But Auntie is a specific, compelling, and open-ended way. “Does Anjali want to go to the park with us today?”

How to become a neighborhood aunt

Honestly, selfishly, spending time with a toddler eases the “pain” of having a baby.When you look at your beloved children with starry eyes and feel the brooding pain just one moreI am reminded that there are many small children who are happy to have their young friends at their feet, to the “bonus” adults who will listen and take their joys and worries seriously. a bit more ice cream than their parents. your friend takes a nap. My hands are sweaty. and everyone wins.

Are you an aunt, real, or chosen? Need more aunties in your life?

PS 3 words that changed the way I parented and 9 women about being an aunt.

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