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How to Lavishly Love Your Spouse

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words Luxurious Represents rich and abundant love. This is not a word that is used very often, especially in marriage, but it conjures up images of extravagant love.

I can only imagine what you are thinking in your head as you read this. You may think you don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to love your spouse lavishly. You may be wondering what such love is like.

have understood. Most of us are too busy to put extra effort or time into our relationships. But what if luxury love was not about work, but about living in abundance? God’s love in us is like a fountain that never runs dry. And when we allow God’s love to flow through us, loving our spouse generously becomes not only possible, but a way of life.

Here’s how to love your spouse generously.

1. Fancy Them Again

Remember when you “fantasized” your spouse during the honeymoon stage of your marriage? Not words, but a reminder that we used to have a crush on our spouses.

Luxurious love happily revisits the early days, remembers the vows you made, and rekindles the passions you once shared. If your feelings have changed over the years, ask God to fill you with a renewed sense of love and devotion.

Here are some practical ways to make yourself fall in love with your spouse again.

  • Tell them that their hearts can still beat a little faster when they walk into the room.
  • Relive the romantic getaways of the past.
  • Tell them that you only think of them and would love to marry them.

Remember why you fell in love in the first place, rekindle the spark that brought you together, and love your spouse generously.

“Look! The winter has passed. The rain has stopped. The flowers appear on the earth. The season has come to sing. Arise, come, my dear. Come with me, my beautiful one.” please give me.” Song of Songs 2:11 & 13

2. Invest in your emotional storehouse

We tend to suppress, ignore, or even deny our emotions, even though they are part of God’s design for us. In marriage, both men and women have emotional wells that need to be filled. Only Christ can meet salvation needs, but husband and wife can meet each other’s emotional needs. Here’s how:

I give you words of affirmation.

Affirmative words are one of them. love the language According to author Gary Chapman, however, everyone appreciates sincere compliments and positive expressions of love, whether the words of affirmation are your personal words of love or not.

thank them.

Everyone wants to be recognized. Look for opportunities to thank your spouse and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts. This can be as simple as saying, “I know how hard you work for us. I want you to know how much I appreciate you.”

validate them.

Many husbands and wives do not feel appreciated by their spouses. Rather, they feel neglected or even neglected. To do justice to your spouse, you need to listen to them and acknowledge what they are saying. It means affirming their wonderful qualities even when you disagree.

“How beautiful, dear! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes are doves.” Song of Songs 1:15

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3. Elaborate on the value

When you value something, you pay close attention to it. you care about it Spend time and energy protecting it. Loving your spouse generously includes detailing the value your spouse brings to your relationship.

What value does your spouse have to you? How do they enrich your life? Have you told them how much they’re worth? These are important questions to ask yourself in order to love your spouse generously and feel appreciated.

There are a few things you can do to elaborate on those values.

  • Point out their strengths.
  • Give generously of your time and pay attention.
  • Make them more important than yourself.
  • Give them a gift “just because”.

Your marriage will reach a new level of respect when your spouse understands their worth. And respect is essential to extravagant love.

“Who is this man who looks like the dawn, as beautiful as the moon, as bright as the sun, as majestic as the procession of stars?” Song of Songs 6:10

4. Be generous with your love

There are right and wrong kinds of affection. The right type is caring, gentle, and attuned to your spouse’s needs. The wrong type is selfish, impatient, and indifferent. To love your spouse generously, ask God to ignite the right kind of affection between you.

One way to lavish affection is to take the time to find out what your spouse wants. Ask them what makes them feel loved and valued. Try to catch their physical and verbal cues. Above all, let God guide you in liberalizing your spouse with the right kind of affection.

Here are some additional resources to help you show the right kind of affection.

20 Simple Ways to Show Love in a Marriage
Affection Confusion in Marriage
how to truly love your spouse

“Eat, befriend, drink. Drink plenty of love.” Song of Songs 5:1

5. Invest in what matters most

One of the best ways to love your spouse generously is to invest in what matters most. What is most important to them? Time to talk about life and faith? Doing something together and making memories? Whatever is most important in your marriage, invest in it.

Hopefully both of you are walking with the Lord and walking together on your spiritual journey. If not, pray about how you can invest in sharing the gospel with your spouse and making sure they understand the meaning of salvation.

If you’re both Christians, invest in a couple’s Bible study or join a small marriage group. By investing in your spiritual growth, you are also investing in your marriage. Don’t let your work or other activities keep you from devoting time and energy to your spouse. Make a list of the things that matter most to you and build your life around them.

Remember, loving your spouse generously comes from the abundance of God. When you feel like you have nothing more to give, let God’s love flow into you. Over time, it will become your way of life and your marriage will experience the most luxurious love ever.

“This is my darling, this is my friend.” Song of Songs 5:16

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