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How to Put Yourself in a Good Mood

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brooklyn heights

I was in a rough mood yesterday. To be honest, Alex and I are very friendly, but I find our mediation quite difficult. It takes a lot of paperwork, zooms, and logistics, but we’re both ready to do it.

As we approach this end that feels like an eternity, we are reminded of Zeno’s dichotomy paradox.Have you heard about it? This philosopher says that reaching half the track first, then half the remaining distance, then half across, so reaching the end of the racetrack argued that it could never or Shorten the distance to reach half or Distance…that is, even if you are close to the goal, you will never actually reach it. That’s what this mediation is, folks.

So I’ve turned to simple pleasures as a way to relax. Here are some of this week’s picks…

brooklyn heights

I took a walk with a cute girl caroline, who worked at Cup of Jo. It was really fun to catch up because I could pick up where I left off.

past life movies

My friend and I went to the cinema to see Past Lives. The relationship is beautiful and subtle, and the end completely killed me. new york times called it “gorgeous, glorious, and heartbreaking.” I strongly recommend it.


Editor Simone Kitchens acclaimed About these waterproofs $40 TebasIt feels “comfortable enough to hike” and “takes no time to break in.” I’m looking forward to running around in these on my summer trips and adventures.

ghirardelli brownie

The boys and I decided to stir some things up boxed brownies. However, I soon realized that there was no vegetable oil. After googling alternatives, I chose sour cream. Whoa, the brownie was so moist and decadent. From now on, I will definitely add that secret ingredient.



And of course, engaging in this kind of self-paced play always works. XO XO

what about you? What simple pleasures have you enjoyed recently? What is your emotional temperature these days? I would love to hear from you.

PS Simple pleasures, and happiness and wholeness.

(brownie photo: food lovin family. )

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