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How’s Everyone Getting Outside This Winter?

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How are you going out this winter? Confession: As soon as the temperature dropped below her 60s, I could spend November through her February parked on the couch watching teen drama again (hellooooo) gilmore girls). However! When you finally leave the house to water the garden or go to the playground, you notice the frozen trees glistening in the sunlight. And how alive I feel while breathing in that crisp air. Suddenly the outdoors feels magical instead of miserable.

yes! For inspiration, we asked our team of writers and photographers to share how they’re out…

Joanna GoddardEditor
Favorite outdoor activity: walking
Two words to describe how you feel when you’re outside: cheerful, cheerful
Favorite Outdoor Companion: Podcast!i listened This NYTimes episode Recently, I kept nodding, “Yes!”
Favorite winter recipes: Excellent chocolate chip cookie

“During quarantine, some friends started a wellness challenge. We each committed to walking 10,000 to 12,000 steps per day. Wake up and CRAVE walks in. Listen to funny podcasts and notice fun moments around your neighborhood. cute dog Or skyline view. ”

“Also, kids like puppies usually want to be outside a few times a day. I love watching boys play basketball with the cold air on their cheeks.” .”

Janelle Sanchezco-editor
Favorite outdoor activity: run around the neighborhood
Two words to describe how you feel when you’re outside: strong, optimistic
Favorite Outdoor Companion: Ina Garten’s Culinary Playlist
Favorite winter recipes: beef and bacon stewthe ultimate post-run meal

“Every November, I ask myself: turkey trot?’ TLDR; I didn’t do that! Still, the thought of signing up inspired me to go for my weekly runs and I love them. I imagine is a glorious horse’s foot, and that visualization helps me gallop to the end. Finally, I feel grateful and unstoppable. ”

Jenny Rosenstrukfood columnist
Favorite outdoor activity: go to your favorite coffee shop
Two words to describe how you feel when you’re outside: prickly, engaged
Favorite walking companion: My dogs, Iris and Bean. (They may look like a charming nightmare — but they’re very social and want to say hello to everyone. I mean, so am I.)
Favorite winter recipes: butternut pumpkin soupof course.

“I love walking two miles (two miles) to have my coffee first thing in the morning, no matter what the temperature is. It’s also a good excuse to get dressed, otherwise you’ll be stuck in your pajamas all day.”

Favorite outdoor activity: Reading with coffee in the backyard
Two words to describe how you feel when you’re outside: thoughtful and laid-back
Favorite Outdoor Companion: lyrical book Makes you feel connected to nature
Favorite winter recipes: recently made This iconic NYTimes tomato soup (Of course with grilled cheese), to rave reviews from the family

“At my daughter’s school, we have a rule that we have to go outside and take a break while the temperature is above 20 degrees. I think: If the kids can do it, so can this Floridian.” Our backyard gets the best sun in the afternoons, so I like to sit on the wicker bench and read a chapter or two—enough for my daily dose of vitamin D. Plus , the teddy bear coat feels like a blanket.

Kaitlyn Teer, Contributing Editor
Favorite outdoor activity: Commuting to nursery school by electric bicycle
Two words to describe how you feel when you’re outside: happy, clear eyes
Favorite Outdoor Companion: my daughter!Also, these socks
Favorite winter recipes: creamy polenta with roasted mushrooms

“We wanted to reduce our carbon footprint, electric cargo bike as a family car. Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve clocked over 300 miles by taking her daughter to nursery school and commuting to the campus where I teach, riding a bike on a cold, rainy day can be very hectic. is. Inspired by this post about Denmark, I had a friend’s sister who lives abroad send her suit for her flight. it keeps me warm theoretically, you can wear pajamas underneath and no one knows of preschool drop-offs. ” [Ed. note: J.Crew just stocked one!]

Christine Han,photographer
Favorite outdoor activity: hiking
Two words to describe how you feel when you’re outside: spacious and lively
Favorite Outdoor Companion: my phone camera
Favorite winter recipes: Korean short rib stew

“I love the first time I breathe forest-like air while hiking. It gives me the opportunity to notice things other than the voices in my head. Afterwards, my body wants to rejuvenate, but I feel tired. Only if you are particularly attracted to beautiful things, like methods.”

Maureen HeffernanPartnership Director
Favorite outdoor activity: walking with baby girl
Two words to describe how you feel when you’re outside: peace of mind, thanks
Favorite Outdoor Companion: my son!and turn off your brain celebrity gossip podcast
Favorite winter recipes: Spiced chickpea stew (NYTimes gift link)

“In the third trimester of my pregnancy, strenuous exercise became difficult, so I started taking long walks in the afternoon. But in the end, I had to listen to my pregnant body and just *walk*. It is a therapeutic activity.”

christine prideRace Matters Columnist
Favorite outdoor activity: My annual tradition of taking my granddaughter to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree
Two words to describe how you feel when you’re outside: Whining?
Favorite Outdoor Companion: Friends, always friends. Anytime, anywhere.
Favorite winter recipes: I don’t cook at all, except for proven recipes. chicken tortilla soupPerfect for a spicy and cozy winter evening.

“Actually, I hate winter! I am happy to do so.”

how about you How are you going out this winter? Or do you prefer to lounge indoors until spring? I would love to hear from you.

PS Taking the kids outside in the winter and a hymn to swimming.

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