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I Got the Haircut I’ve Always Wanted and (Finally) Love It

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Have you ever sat in the hair stylist’s chair and thought, “Yeah,” and walked out like a new person? The end of the holidays. And let me tell you: getting the haircut of your dreams is truly liberating.

Last summer I was doing what I do every morning. Instagram Save pictures of cool outfits. But halfway through the scroll, I stopped at a photo of a woman. wave bobWithin five seconds, “Guys. Should I just cut my hair?” Dozens of the same messages flooded my inbox for the rest of the day.

For the next few months, I saved pictures of women with short hair. What does Selena Gomez look like in Only Murders In The Building? Saved. Rob at Aubrey Plaza in White Lotus? Saved. A French bob that Joanna found in Europe? Saved. However, despite my enthusiasm, I hesitated to make the promise.

why? Short hair and I have always had a complicated relationship.

I’ve had short hair 3 times in my life.was asymmetrical cut when i was 13. Rob at 20. Middle part and mermaid wave style.and the sleek bob I’m 25 now.

But I didn’t feel like I could pull off these cuts, as I let two loved ones dictate my opinion.

My father, a true Latino father, turned his head down when he saw me at 13 with short hair. In Mexican communities, for a girl to cut her long hair is the same as giving up her femininity. I fiddled with it with my fingers, avoiding the irritated stares, as I always do.

When I was 20, it was my college boyfriend who made me second-guess my crop. He said five words no one wanted to hear.”You shouldn’t have cut it. His words were still ringing loudly in my head when I looked at Kat in the mirror.

When I felt the urge to do short hair again this past year, I spent months looking back at the short-haired beauties I saved on my Instagram, wishing I had the confidence to pull off their style. I thought. Then, one day, as I was searching and wishing, I realized something. What if the common trait of these women is that they only care about one person’s opinion, and that person is themselves? It’s not impossible to suddenly feel better with short hair. It seemed like

So I made a promise.

When my husband, Max, drove me to the salon, I jumped out of the car, kissed him, and said, “By the way, today might be the day I go short.” he replied: But you would look hot if you did. I was thrilled to hear his encouragement, but I vowed not to let it decide me.

New Year's short haircuts

Right before the big chop!

As I looked into the mirror in the salon, butterflies fluttered in my stomach, and Jillian, my stylist, approached me. I showed her two sets of photos of her. But when she asked, “So what are you doing today?” She heard herself say, “She’s short.” For the next 30 minutes, I focused on the sound of Jillian’s cuts, snips and chops, grounding her worries along with her long black hair.

When Gillian finished drying, curling and spritzing, she stepped back. “I love it,” she said, out of habit. But this time, I finally realized what I meant.

new year short hair

Two weeks later, I still smile every time I look at myself in the mirror.i think so damn youI’m mesmerized by how the waves roll over, the feel of the dull layers against my neck, and the cheeky look tucked behind my ears. I also love the feeling of finally hearing a part of myself that I’ve wanted to hear for so long. Because it’s worth it. I’m worth it.

how about you Have you ever tried a dramatic hairstyle or is there one you would like to try? I would love to hear from you.

P.S. 4 women with gray hair and 3 tricks for parting hair.

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