Last night I felt like a pencil sharpener. The evening was fine—the neighbor came over with a new dog.we played this record — but if you’re in a similar mood today, or just want to feel better, here are 7 funny Instagram reels to make you laugh.

Don’t call your mom and ask if food looks weird.

best marathon hype team

Is the Boy’s Night story true? Alex returns from the hang and knows nothing about his friend’s new job, new apartment, or new baby!

Please watch this without laughing.

The banana is the perfect detail.

Reader, she should not marry him.

baby fever!!!!!

What made you laugh recently?I know I’m late to this, but I recently broke too delhi girls And loved every second.

PS 4 things that made me laugh and what is your favorite comedy scene?

(Top photo by Lucas Ottone/Stocksey.)